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Hair Loss and Balding: Can the Gut Bacteria be Involved?

All natural hair loss supplement sold by Lilac Corp

Lilac Corp reviews a study and proposes Nolopecia, a natural treatment for hair loss.

Nolopecia, a natural treatment for hair growth that targets latent viruses”
— Lilac Corp
SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2018 / -- A study showed that certain bacteria in your gut can cause hair loss. The researchers gave mice a type of a “bad” bacteria called Lactobacillus murinus. This bacteria caused problems with the mice’s gut function, which decreased the production of a vitamin called biotin. The decrease in biotin caused the mice to lose their hair.

If you’re interested in a natural treatment that can help with hair loss, take a look at Nolopecia developed by Lilac Corp, the company that invented the highly effective, and unique antiviral natural treatments Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin. For more information on these products, search Google. The search will produce the clinical studies that tested the treatments.

The new treatment, called Nolopecia, targets the latent viruses in the body. This helps the body maintain a normal level of the 5alpha-R, DHT, and AR proteins. A normal level of these proteins stimulates hair growth.

There are many treatments for hair loss on the market. However, only Nolopecia targets the latent viruses that cause the increase in 5alpha-R, DHT, and AR observed in people with hair loss and balding.

What is Biotin? Biotin is a vitamin produced by the gut “good” bacteria. Biotin is important for human health, specifically skin and hair health. In the study, the mice with the “bad” bacteria, did not produce enough biotin, and as a result, started losing their hair. Then, amazingly when biotin was added to the mice’s diet, they regrew their hair. This study showed how “bad” bacteria in the gut can affect the growth of hair.

“Good” gut bacteria and the vitamins that they produce are necessary for human well-being. Bacteria that are found naturally in the gut produce many essential vitamins, including Biotin. A disruption of the natural gut bacteria by stresses or antibiotics can lead to “intestinal dysbiosis.” This is a condition where the natural state of the gut bacteria becomes imbalanced. This imbalance can cause vitamin deficiencies that lead to health problems, including hair loss.

Biotin deficiency can have several causes, one of these causes is antibiotics. Other causes include diseases of the gut known as ‘inflammatory bowel diseases’. Even eating a large amount of raw egg whites can cause low levels of biotin. Our bodies are unable to make biotin. We need to either consume it directly or have the right kind of bacteria in the gut that can produce it for us.

About Lilac Corp:
Lilac Corp specializes in the development of biology-based patent protected natural treatments. Currently, Lilac Corp is selling four products: Gene-Eden-VIR, Novirin, Nolopecia, and Noacnin. Lilac Corp ships its products to more than 100 countries around the world. What makes Lilac Corp special is that all its products are tested in clinical studies that follow FDA guidelines. To ensure transparency, the results of the clinical studies are published in leading scientific journals. Lilac Corp also offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

Intestinal Dysbiosis and Biotin Deprivation Induce Alopecia through Overgrowth of Lactobacillus murinus in Mice. Hayashi, Atsushi et al. Cell Reports, Volume 20, Issue 7, 1513 - 1524

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Lilac Corp
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