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Get Ready to Spot the Pig! New Video from HPS Shows How Fast a ‘Pig’ Travels Through a Pipeline

Process Pigging Specialist HPS Product Recovery Solutions Release New ‘Pigging’ Video

Our pig has a unique, finless design which contains a special, silicon-based magnetised core. It’s tough yet flexible and has exceptionally high recovery rates.”
— Gilbert Murphy

NOTTINGHAM, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, May 10, 2018 / -- HPS Product Recovery Solutions, the leading specialists in process and hygienic product recovery systems, has produced a short video which shows how fast a 'pig' travels through a pipeline.

Also known as product recovery, pigging is an established technology that’s in wide use by process and FMCG companies.

Pigging recovers product from pipelines that would otherwise be wasted. The technology works by using a specialist projectile (the ‘Pig’), which has a diameter slightly larger than the pipeline it is cleaning.

Because the pig is a very tight fit, it recovers every last drop of useable product that remains in the pipe after transfer. And this new video shows the pigging process is extremely quick – see if you can spot the pig move through the pipelines!

Pigging is used in many different industries, including food, beverages, cosmetics, personal care, household products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paint, pet food, plus many more. In short, almost any liquid or wet product that can be pumped can be pigged.

The video not only shows how quickly process pigs travel through pipelines. It also demonstrates the HPS pig safely and efficiently recovering up to 99.5% of product in a single run.

Gilbert Murphy, CEO of process pigging specialists HPS Product Recovery Solutions, commented, “Our pig has a unique, finless design which contains a special, silicon-based magnetised core. It’s tough yet flexible and has exceptionally high recovery rates. The pig can even achieve those high recovery rates when travelling around 1.5 D bends. We genuinely believe it’s the best pig on the market by a long way”.

The exact speed at which process pigs travel through pipelines depends on many different factors, including product, pressure and pipe diameter. However, most people are surprised by just how fast they go. For example, it’s quite common for pigs to travel at 10 metres per second.

With manufacturers facing more competition than ever before, there is now a greater emphasis on increasing product yields, minimising waste, improving operational efficiency and tackling environmental sustainability. This has increased the importance of product recovery.

Gilbert concludes, “Because nearly every pigging system is different, we can confidently say to our clients that they’ll achieve a high return on investment from our solutions. As well as improving their yields, efficiency, profits, sustainability and environmental credentials, our systems also pay for themselves, often in less than a year”.

And because the pigging process is extremely quick, interruption to operations is kept to a minimum.

To watch the HPS video, click the play button below.

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