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Before the blockchain became a household name, the early adopters of the new economy had dreamt of a way to create a peer-to-peer marketplace.

LOS ANGELES, LA, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2018 / -- Before the blockchain became a household name, the early adopters of the new economy had dreamt of a way to create a peer-to-peer marketplace where sustainability and individuality would be key to empowerment of entrepreneurs. This kind of digital platform for all with the ability to transact any business at any time throughout the world without the need to look back at exchange rates was considered the holy grail of e-commerce.

It was supposed to have stood at the helm of progress and crystallize the vision of a different society, in which the people’s needs and wants would come before those of the big banks and transnational corporations. But at the dawn of the digital era, this kind of thinking would quickly get you labeled as “socialist” and cross you off virtually all lists of any importance. In 2008 it all changed.

The Satoshi paper gave us all a clear path to what for generations was considered purely academic guesstimations by computer scientists. Today we have a real prospectus, a business plan to create new job opportunities, eliminate poverty, give access to the global network to those who had been isolated from the rest of the world for hundreds of years. We have the power to end war - once and for all.

For that, we must unite, and the Blockchain Technology Foundation is created with the specific goal of gathering all the blockchain enthusiasts from around the world under the same banner.

Since cryptocurrencies, one of the blockchain technology better-known derivatives, have given the entire space quite a bad name, the BCTF also tasks itself with saving the cryptocurrencies grace. It’s going to be tough, especially when the bubble bursts and hundreds of thousands of untrained cryptocurrency investors will pour out in the streets in search of answers and the trillion dollars they’d already put in. But we’re confident that together with the BCTF regional organizations will be able to provide a roadmap and a compensation mechanism for those who are looking for one.

Creating value on a blockchain is, without exaggeration, a pivotal moment in the world economy; one of the immediate tasks for the BCTF is to unpack this thesis for the blockchain enthusiasts of the world. For example, the sharing economy (very well represented by car-sharing enterprises) creates value on a blockchain by including as many driver/passengers on its many platforms: the more join in, the better the returns for both passengers and drivers.

This coalition, in turn, begins to snowball into something even bigger: new insurance companies witness the success and want in, vehicle manufacturers look at how their current lineups perform and make adjustments (mileage, dimensions, passenger space, etc.), local authorities get involved and contribute to the smoothness of the operation by designating parking as well as aligning current regulation with the practical need of the community. That’s how the blockchain technology is supposed to work. That’s how it will work in the new economy with the help and guidance from the Blockchain Technology Foundation.

Essentially, we’re talking about a level playing field for all, and to promote this idea, the BCTF will be heavily reliant on its regional offices headed by local volunteers. It’s the local volunteer blockchain enthusiasts, legal specialists and financial advisers who are going to be working with the victims of fraudulent ICOs locally and globally. To arrange the proper channels of communications for defrauded investors allowing them to receive compensation through the BCTF Loss Prevention Fund (LPF) is going to be a long and arduous task but we will leave nobody behind.

It’s clear that the times are changing, the blockchain-based economy is rapidly shaping up becoming more vivid and viable compared to the dollar-based world order that’s irreversibly falling apart. In those conditions, the Blockchain Technology Foundation will stand tall as an instrument of sustaining hope in those who lost it to fraud and inexperience giving them new hope. The hope of global freedom to be, to see, to buy or sell, to move and feel - the kind of freedom that can only be achieved through the magic of the blockchain.

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