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Clearing Perceptions About Her Stalker Lori Jean Releases the single “You Have the Wrong Girl”

'being judged as lying about her abuse by CPS at her worst of time'

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2018 / -- After the successful "It Hurts So Bad Outside" press release, revealing her personal story of running from a stalker for over 20 years and being judged as lying about her abuse by CPS at her worst of time asking everyone to please reach out and touch someone today, Lori Jean has decided to release “You Have the Wrong Girl” that is aired on WTYT 960 AM Rock Station along with a video she produced at her “Vevo Channel” under “Lori Jean” that shows strength to her situation moving on to show humor in personal traits of defiance starting from her youth. Having to turn down "The Comedy Store" in L.A. because there couldn't be enough customers promised by her, and initially having planned dancing and singing to "Wave Away Oh, Oh, Little Girl" written for her "Teens at Crossroads of America and Beyond" youth work song project creating a job for teens to get every homeless teen off the street, Lori Jean has been pushing working on her strong female-oriented material for her music. Instead of being angry and upset at what she can't do, now with a caved in head from abuse-blubbering at times, she is taking control and putting out material close to other's personal messages combined with hers.

She originally added to the script for "The Comedy Store" her family's cow pasture with manure in Canada that she visited as an eight-year-old that she defiantly played in against her French great grandma and grandma's wishes to act like a lady by using her legs and arms as a wheel barrel, the attitude defined in a song "Little Girls" originally released by "Factory Fast Records" on "Curtains Against the Wind" January 12, 2016. Her defiance is against being groomed into a little girl that can't play in a sandbox. “It's okay, sand is free,” she says, “and it won't get in my shoes.”

Adding to perceptions where a woman is expected to have sex or have her behind pinched to become a successful business woman and noting from experience the secretions *('dew') that are automatically formed in the female body that are taken credit from others during sexual acts-wanted or not at times, she still never forgets those important to her (the gorilla man with the suitcase on TV she met in the 80's on her first trip to NYC) and what's important-not apologizing for her age-50 and beyond is beautiful and we should be able to raise our kids and do everything we want afterwards if needed. Her naivety keeps preservation of beauty in a singer with rock n' roll roots. Look for the release June 19, 2018 digitally worldwide and possibly on "MTV Australia” on "MTV Music Thursdays" as well as her Vevo Channel.

*The word 'dew' is metaphorically used as women's secretions and prompted in discussion from improper medical examinations where secretions are automatically formed in the female's body as a form of protection. Lori Jean was set up by an EMT that she was rooming with to the doctor in her case, him telling her of this after coming home from the experience, and just escaping being trafficked after being drugged in the home-the ambulance stood outside while she crawled to put the latch up on the opened back door after being threatened to abduction by the EMT. She was also somehow prior being drugged and had a man climb in bed with her. Reports to the police were made with no avail.

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