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Alexander Golberg Jero Conceptual Work “Surrounded by Bach” to Support the Development of the Music Industry

Conceptual work in Surround Sound by Alexander Golberg Jero to open the door for the new development in music industry

Each Individual Sound Can Have It's Unique Location in 3-Dimensional Space”
— Alexander Golberg Jero
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, April 23, 2018 / -- Technology seems to be changing the way we do everything. Instead of turning on light switches, we use smart technology to voice control lights. Technology is in every part of our lives, especially in our entertainment. Movies and television shows are greatly improved thanks to technology. Technology has even had a huge impact in how we listen to and enjoy music. The way that music is created today has changed and one of the pioneers of that is Alexander Goldberg Jero.
Alexander Goldberg Jero is an innovator in the music industry. He has taken what we all know about classical music and turned it on its head. His revolutionary approach made it so that he could create an immersive experience for classical music lovers. By taking different orchestras from all over the world and creating one amazing piece of music, his take on classical music will bring in people who may not have appreciated this genre before. Through use of new mixing technology, you can get an experience unlike any other when you listen to Jero’s work.
His latest conceptual work is “Surrounded by Bach”. This presentation of conceptual work is the result of nearly 15 years of research in the fields of technology, sound, and music. The primary goal of this research was to develop a new way to approach music and see how it can be presented in surround sound. By listening to this innovative work, you are going to experience an experimental project that takes classic orchestration into new dimensions of sound. When Jero was producing these timeless classical masterpieces, he took a revolutionary approach to showcasing music orchestration with the position of each instrument or group of instruments around the listener.
How does this happen? The original orchestral partitures were transcribed into a virtual domain by using midi, sampled instruments, and synthesis to achieve a real separation of these instruments. This also balanced them together in the surround mix. What this does is create a perception that each of these individual sounds are in their own unique 3D space. Jero looks to the future of sound and music technology because there is a need for new development of the music industry to showcase new artists and producers in a highly revolutionary way. This new experience is a promising and exciting way to take listeners on an entertaining journey of music and sound.
There is a revolution in classical music going on right now because of Jero’s innovations. Classical music was enjoyed, while people took it in, but it wasn’t really an immersive experience as you could get with other genres. Jero has created a method of listening to classical music that is completely immersive, allowing listeners to really get lost and entranced by the orchestra in a way that they had never experienced before. The technology in this industry is always improving and that is something that Alexander Goldberg Jero takes advantage of to give music lovers a new approach that completely changes how they listen to and experience music. This has numerous applications and can open up more immersive experiences across genres.
“Surrounded by Bach” is a 3D experience of the composer’s works utilizing the surround sound technologies that Jero has helped to revolutionize. His renowned ability to seamlessly layer sections of music together in a manner that is similar to creating a film is what makes his music projects stand out from other compositions. You may not have even realized in the past that the way you were listening to music was one dimensional. Jero wants listeners to be able to close their eyes and imagine that you are seeing the music live. This is possible thanks to the layers, giving listeners the image of being front and center while the orchestra plays the music. This format opens new doors to listeners and may even bring some new classical fans in by showing them they were wrong about classical music being boring.
Alexander Goldberg Jero has a passion for music that you can clearly hear through his compositions. The way he arranges the layers is an artform that can only be accomplished by a master who truly loves what he is doing. Having technology is one thing but being able to harness this technology to create the projects that he has is something truly remarkable. His skills in this regard make him highly sought after for his ability to transform music into an experience that listeners won’t soon forget.Jero is an award-winning artist that has over 200 high definition audio titles that transform an industry that is revered by music lovers.
Classical music has endured centuries because of its timeless and simplistic nature. There is nothing quite like sitting in the crowd as the orchestra plays on. You can very easily get lost in this type of experience. There is nothing quite like this experience and it will stick with you. The problem is that you could not get this same experience when you were at home enjoying this music. Thanks to the technology utilized by Alexander Goldberg Jero, you can get as close to this experience right from the comforts of your home. The music is as wholesome and authentic as a live performance, giving you the opportunity to enjoy an immersive classical music experience wherever you are.
If you are a classical music fan and have yet to experience Alexander Goldberg Jero’s work, you should check out his latest conceptual work “Surrounded by Bach”. Jero has been honing his skills in multichannel surround sound, taking the knowledge he learned from playing techno music and using it to revolutionize how people today see classical music. As the future of technology improves, Jero will continue to use technology to improve the listening experience for fans of music. Jero’s innovations have helped to give new life to these timeless classics through improving the experience of the listeners. Listening to “Surrounded by Bach” will take you to another place.

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