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Rayeman Elements Announces Sale of Grain Compression Drying Systems to Marquis Energy

Rayeman Elements, Inc. Announces the Sale of their State-of-the-Art Grain Compression Drying Systems to Marquis Energy LLC. of Hennepin, Il.

BERTHOUD, COLORADO, USA, April 17, 2018 / -- Rayeman Elements, Inc., in conjunction with its partner Nationwide 5 LLC, has entered into the sale of multiple production dryer units to Marquis Energy of Hennepin, Illinois. Rayeman Elements, based in Berthoud, CO has developed, designed, and manufactured a brand new, ground-breaking and patented grain drying system. The system, the Rayeman Compression Dryer ("RCD"), targets grain based premium feed markets.

Marquis Energy LLC, located in Hennepin Illinois, identified the RCD as a cost-effective and energy-efficient means to increase their present drying capacities on their current dryer lines. The RCD system is the ideal solution for this situation, with multiple sections of the RCD System feasible on both the front and back ends of Marquis Energy's existing Drum Dryers.

Jason Marquis, Chief Operating Officer of Marquis Energy said, "We are extremely excited to bring the RCD system into our portfolio of technologies for improving the efficiency of our production process. The flexibility, scalability, and reduction of natural gas consumption made for an extremely compelling use of capital to increase our drying capacity. We are excited to develop a long-term partnership with the Rayeman team to identify the most effective uses for this state-of-the-art drying system, generating maximum value for all of our co-products."

Mike Thomas, Vice President and Director of Technology of Rayeman Elements said, "Working with Marquis Energy on this project has been a great experience and we are excited to help them achieve their ultimate goals of increasing their grain drying capacities, affordably."

The Rayeman Compression Dryer is a unique drying system for the industry. As wet grain goes in, the moisture in the grain meets two electrically heated, specially designed and patented screws inside a barrel. These screws intermesh with one another creating designated compression points that squeeze the water out of the grain, while simultaneously creating heat at low temperatures upon contact. This vaporizes the water within the grains at various flash points throughout the process. Additional heat is created naturally through shearing and compressing of the material from the rotating screws. This methodology conserves energy versus because of the self-generated low heat, and by squeezing water from the grain prior to reaching heat of vaporization. The RCD process produces the highest nutritional value grain, possessing all those attributes which are desired in grain exporting and feeding; High Hunter L Scores, High Flowability, High Digestibility, and product free of any burning and charring.

In addition to the Rayeman Compression Dryer producing a superior quality grain, the RCD emits far lower VOCs, is explosion proof, and boasts a significantly smaller footprint than conventional dryers. With a lower capital cost and reduced operating costs, the RCD system is a win-win all around.

Please visit Rayeman Elements, Inc. at for more information on the Rayeman Compression Dryer, and Marquis Energy LLC at for more information about Marquis Energy, their processes, and products.

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