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Lisa Brown of Best Day Health to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2018 / -- Lisa Brown has a burning desire to teach, particularly to teach others in a way that inspires greater awareness and positive outcomes. While she studied natural medicine and practiced Ayurvedic Medicine for a while, a newer calling came to Lisa in 2014. That was when she discovered she had a natural ability to communicate with animals, and the same year the cat who changed her life direction first reached out to her.

Lisa went on to study under a world-renowned Animal Communicator, Amelia Kinkade. She became one of the first, and notably most talented, Language of Miracles Certified Interspecies Translators. A lot of amazing outcomes in the lives of pets and their people followed, causing clients to give accolades like “Lisa has such a gift for communication. It has made us all happier and healthier. So glad we were able to talk with her!”

While most people think a wagging tail signifies happiness, Lisa says the way animals communicate, and what they have to share with us is much more than body language. Her communications with dogs, cats, rabbits, and more reveal what highly complex, divine, and loving beings that animals truly are. Animals also desire to help people and help them sustain their bodies-- from endowing us with milk or eggs, to taking on diseases (like the havoc of OCD or Diabetes and Pancreatitis) for their humans. Sometimes animals will tell Lisa what kind of music they like, what makes them laugh, or which trips were the best to go along on. Other times, an animal is the key to understanding its human, and opening the door to treatment and recovery for their pain, addiction, or negative behaviors. Taking that first step, perhaps a new supplement or class, becomes a higher priority for the person once the animal is involved, and they see things through their eyes.

Lisa says animals who pass away do go to Heaven, and that they can communicate with her from the most remote places, since their spirits never really cease to be (and because they also communicate telepathically.) She also says animals can do something called a walk-in; when the spirit takes over the physical body of another animal, for instance that bird that keeps pecking at your window; it might be your departed dog trying to deliver a message. Animals are also capable of crossing borders, and that new kitty you felt compelled to adopt just might be a human you once knew.

Lisa has come to view animals as our teachers and our healers. She has great intuitive sense, and receives all kinds of messages, in different ways. Some messages animals relay can be profound, and others can be almost comical, like the dog in Denver who didn’t want to go out on walks anymore. Be sure to tune in to hear the full story behind his embarrassment! You will also want to find out more about Princess the cat, and how she created big changes in Lisa’s life, and Lisa’s mother’s too. You might laugh, you might groan, you might gasp, but you will learn. All because animals have a lot to say, and once they come into our lives, these deeply loving beings affect our energy and transform our lives, in the most significant ways.

CUTV News will feature Lisa Brown of Best Day Health for You in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Wed, April 18 at 1:00pm EST.

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