Nex Flow Air Knives Can Reduce Compressed Air As Much as 90%

Air Knives Drying Food Packages

Replace drilled pipe or rows of nozzles for blow off & cooling with Nex Flow compressed air operated air knives. Dramatic energy reduction. Sound under 69 dBA.

RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 17, 2018 / -- The Nex Flow compressed air operated Silent X-Stream Air Blade air knife replaces rows of nozzles and drilled pipe used fro blow off, cooling, drying and cleaning to provide a consistent even flow along its length while reducing noise level to 69dBA and reducing compressed air energy from 50% to 90% depending on the application.

Made in anodized aluminum for most applications and also in stainless steel for corrosive environments and for food and pharmaceutical installations these air knives enhance the factory environment with low noise levels with superior blow off and cooling. The Nex Flow air knife is intrinsically safe and meets OSHA standards for safety and noise.

The Nex Flow Silent X-stream Air Blade air knife utilizes surrounding air entrainment with a small amount of compressed air that exists a small gap maintained by a thin shim. This converts energy normally lost as noise and pressure drop into a powerful curtain of air with minimal energy loss. Nex Flow air knives reduce noise levels, replace harmful dead ended pressures, replace expensive, noisy blowers with a small compact installation with minimal maintenance and a uniform airflow.

Applications include, part drying after washing, sheet cleaning in strip mills, conveyor cleaning, web drying or cleaning, control coating thickness when applied, cooling components and parts, pre-paint cleaning and blow off, environmental separation (barrier), bag opening in fill operations, scrap removal in converting applications, and many more!

Advantages are low noise (69 dBA), low air consumption, high air flow amplification, uniform air flow along entire length, variable force and flow, no moving parts-maintenance free, easy to mount and install, compact, rugged, stainless steel screws on all models, stock lengths from 2" to 54", special lengths available, units can be joined end to end for unlimited system lengths.

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Nex Flow Air Knife Demonstration