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Sydney Segen Writes from the Trenches of PTSD to Offer True Stories, Self-Help, and Hope

Hope After Trauma and PTSD

This is a book that everyone needs to read.

Sydney Segen, author

Segen knows PTSD because she has PTSD

In "Hope After Trauma and PTSD," author Sydney Segen presents true stories, insights, and writing prompts to give PTSD sufferers power to hope again.

Ms. Segen's book doesn't give you a chance to put it down; it grabs you and doesn't let go.”
— JDC, RN, St. Louis, MO

ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, April 12, 2018 / -- “Hope After Trauma and PTSD” reaches out to those who struggle in the grips of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), with its endless flashbacks, terrifying nightmares, and life-destroying pain. The book also offers insight for those who have friends or family with PTSD.

PTSD begins with trauma—shootings, natural disasters, war, crimes, betrayals, and more. Trauma stops life in its tracks. After experiencing trauma, some people get better and go on with life. But others develop PTSD, a debilitating mental illness. For them, life doesn't just stop; it derails and crashes.

No one can predict who will get PTSD. But when it comes, it shatters relationships, marriages, confidence, and the ability to focus on school or work. PTSD brings on vivid, frightening nightmares. Its flashbacks force the person to re-experience the trauma again and again.

Segen knows PTSD because she has PTSD. She says, “I have fought mightily to take control over PTSD and begin building a new life. Now I’m reaching out to others to let them know they’re not alone.”

In her book, available on Amazon, Segen presents PTSD through:
• First-person stories by people who have PTSD or PTSD symptoms
• Insights following each story to add critical factual information
• Writing exercises to help readers write their own stories, a step toward healing

Best-selling author and expert in the field of PTSD and C-PTSD, Dr. Arielle Schwartz, says, “Sydney Segen offers a clearly written and realistic portrayal of life after trauma. This book provides a valuable resource and a source of hope.”

As a Christian writer and storyteller based in St Louis, Segen wrote “Hope After Trauma and PTSD” from a personal perspective. She wants her readers to know she and the other storytellers in her book “get it,” and that it’s possible to take over control of PTSD through strategies such as therapy, joining a community, learning control techniques, taking medication, and more.
Hard work? Definitely. But the work can give PTSD sufferers hope to fuel a new start in a new life.

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