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BlueBottleBiz grows audio and video library to meet rising elearning trends

The world’s first collaborative and curatable learning platform has over 55,000 titles, of which 40% consists of audio and video content

The sector needs to be at the cutting edge of technology. BlueBottleBiz is leading from the front in 21st century learning.”
— Marcelino Elosua, CEO and Founder of BlueBottleBiz.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 10, 2018 / -- BlueBottleBiz, the world’s first collaborative and curatable learning platform, has announced a growth in its available catalogue to 55,000 titles. Additionally, 40% of its title library is audio and video content, which is all entirely curatable for learners to get the most out of its platform and learn in the most efficient ways possible. This growth also makes BlueBottleBiz one of the world’s largest platforms for business, technical and IT, and software programming materials.

Ahead of the London Book Fair, we must recognise that the elearning sector is going through a seismic shift in the way it deals with learning resources. Books are still a staple of the learning process but, with more technology being introduced to the classroom and the workplace, elearning is having to diversify to meet this changing environment.

With more video content being uploaded in the last 30 days than the major US television networks produce in the last 30 years (source link:, video learning has been growing in popularity. 98% of organizations said they would implement video as part of their digital learning strategy and videos are expected to be responsible for 80% of the internet traffic in the world by 2019. (source link:

Most of the expected growth is to come from Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa in the next six years. (source link: Online video and audio learning, especially mobile friendly titles, will need to be prepared for enhanced usership and increased traffic. This announced from BlueBottleBiz is a statement of working towards this, and the beginning of this new era of learning, where different learners can learn in different ways, all on one platform.

“The sector needs to be at the cutting edge of technology, and this announcement from BlueBottleBiz is a leading example of where elearning needs to be heading. We are leading from the front in 21st century learning,” commented Marcelino Elosua, CEO and Founder of BlueBottleBiz.

Christian Smythe, Head of Content and Partnerships, praised the announcement. “We are thrilled to have so much video and audio content on our platform. In this technologically diverse world where we are learning every time we look at a screen, having so much content, including books, articles and journals as well as new media content, helps all different kind of learners as much as possible.”

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