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Young Female Entrepreneur Empowered by Business

Many young people, they are taught to go to uni, get a job and work a stable life, but for Cassandra, she couldn't wait for an opportunity, so she created it

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, April 4, 2018 / -- For many young Australians, waiting for a career break is simply not an option. Why wait when opportunities can be created? One such businesswoman is 23-year-old Cassandra Hili, who decided to carve out a career for herself through online marketing and public relations.

In today’s technological world, setting up a business is an attractive prospect, and one that is empowering women like Cassandra. As a young graduate, Cassandra didn’t want to wait for an opportunity to be handed to her or compete with other 20-somethings in a crowded job market. Instead, she started her own business, Millennium Communications, and has no regrets about taking a leap of faith to become an entrepreneur.

"I've always been quite driven and taken opportunities when they have felt right,” said Cassandra. “I always knew that I wanted to start up my own business and when I was in uni, I was preparing myself for it as soon as I had finished. I started off with a new laptop, came up with the name, started buying equipment... but when the opportunity came a year earlier, I just knew I had to take it.”

Cassandra is not alone in shunning the traditional career route and deciding to go it alone. According to a report by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), globalisation and flexibility are changing how people work today. It is also becoming easier for women to be their own boss in Australia with the DELL Women Entrepreneur Cities Index 2017 naming Sydney and Melbourne within the top 20 worldwide cities to be a female entrepreneur.

Cassandra added, "Honestly, I couldn't rely on someone else to give me the opportunity to start my career. I tried looking to get my foot into the door whilst I was at uni, and even though I had experience from running successful blogs, freelancing and a great network, I just couldn't find anything. So, I knew if I wanted to start it, I had to create it myself. It's been the best decision I've made. It's forced me to learn multiple skills, meet and work with amazing people, get me out of my comfort zone and most importantly, learn to make something out of myself. It's challenging, but very, very rewarding. I wouldn't replace it for the world."

At a time when gender equality is hitting the headlines, Cassandra is a role model for other young women searching for success in their professional lives. For more information about Cassandra and her agency, visit

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