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NETZERO Launches Pre-Sale For Clean Tech/Renewable Energy Token NETZ

NETZ is the first digital currencies to be backed by Clean Tech/Renewable Energy Power Plant assets within Waste to Energy and Closed Loop Organic Aquaculture.

STOCKHOLM, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, May 7, 2018 / -- “We at UCI/NZE Sweden are pleased to announce the Pre Sale Initial Public Coin Offering (ICO) of the NETZ Currency. The NETZ digital currency is one of the first digital currencies to be backed by Clean Tech/Renewable Energy Power Plant assets within Waste to Energy and Closed Loop Organic Aquaculture.

The issues that are facing over 95% and several thousands of the ICO’s currently in the market place are that they don’t have a direct correlation to any tangible physical, valuable real asset that ensures that the digital currency has a valuation relationship with a real world asset. Most ICO’s create a scarcity by only releasing a fixed amount of tokens, but yet they don’t have a corresponding collateral relationship to any real world asset. NETZ is not only based to tangible assets, but rather fast appreciating assets that generate continuous cash flow and dividends.

The NETZ Currency is as far as we are aware the first digital currency to anchor the fixed amount of tokens released to a set number of pre developed shovel ready Clean Tech Power plants ready to put the shovel in the ground as soon as the ICO milestone investments are received. As an example the first Power Plant can start construction as soon as $5M USD worth of NETZ Currency has been sold.

Per the NETZ ICO Website and Video you will be able to learn more about the actual Clean Tech Power Plants, Risk mitigation methodologies and our pre developed defined pipeline that is part of the NETZ ICO. The NETZ ICO’s Joint Venture Clean Tech asset developer partner has developed or co-developed or consulted in over 200 projects successfully built on time on budget during their 37 years in business, will be the leading Global Cleantech Energy Corporation utilizing the block chain and open ledger smart contracts for the benefit of the investors.

The NETZ currency will be backed by several high value projects in the project pipeline and is ready to scale these up to achieve maximum asset potential within the eco-green portfolio. The Clean Tech/Waste to Energy Power Plants will therefore upon the milestones ICO raises being reached start to generate both ongoing dividends and a ~x4 multiple in Asset Value increase per project from its build out cost. The NETZ ICO Investors are therefore receiving the benefit of both the actual appreciation in asset value of the hard asset and the potential appreciation of the NETZ Currency.

To add to the benefits for early investors the NETZ ICO is released in FOUR Blocks with a fixed amount of projects being built per block with a fixed amount of tokens per block. The starting price per NETZ token for the first block is $0.55 USD (200M Tokens) in equivalent Etherum digital currency (instructions on how to invest per the White Paper on the website The price per NETZ token for Block 2 is $0.85 USD (100M Tokens), Block 3 at $1.15 USD (80M Tokens) per NETZ token and lastly in Block 4 at $1.45 USD per NETZ Token (20M Tokens).

In addition, NETZ is offering a Buy Back Program to ensure that their investors have the optionality to sell back their currencies after the construction of the first asset per a set Buy Back schedule illustrated on the website.
We hope that after a closer analysis you will be encouraged by the NETZ Currencies valuation metrics creating a true asset backed values in a world of non-real world asset backed crypto currencies."

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