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Mission: Clean Water for All

Largest Solar Powered Water Pumping

WolrdWater(tm) & Solar Celebrates 34 Yrs of Water Pumping for Large Scale Irrigation & Purification Using Only Sunshine, & Celebrates UN World Water Day 2018.


(PRINCETON, NJ – March 14, 2018) On March 22, 2018, WorldWater® and Solar Technologies (WWST), America’s longest continuing solar technology company, will celebrate World Water Day and 34 years as a leader that has revolutionized the field of clean water and solar power. WWST’s activities began nearly a decade before World Water Day was officially established by the United Nations in 1993.

“Ensuring that people have access to clean water is one of the most urgent civic and public health crises of the 21st century,” said Quentin T. Kelly, Chair and CEO of WWST. “This is our mission.”

WWST’s is the only company with the solar technology to power large motors of 600 hp or more, pumping water for agriculture and/or municipal water systems. The company also has developed powerful solar stand-alone units which create near- instant drinking water from polluted sources in disaster crises, enabling solar powered immediate infrastructure in remote regions.

WWST was the first company of its kind to unite solar power technology with large water pumps and purification systems. “I was in Sudan and saw thousands of people suffering from lack of water, as we’re now about to see in many more places, including highly developed societies such as Cape Town, South Africa and cities in South America. I came back to Princeton from Sudan and with their University engineers developed advanced technology to harness the power of the sun capable of providing large volumes of clean water, ” recalls Mr. Kelly.

WWST patented solar technology sets it apart from its competitors. Its track record of implementing large-scale solar powered agricultural solutions includes a citrus ranch in Borrego Springs, CA, pumping from a 1000 foot well to deliver 1000 gallons of water per minute. WWST is the first company in the world to pump water for farm irrigation in the Sahara Desert in Egypt, turning the desert green.

The company operates in over 30 countries worldwide, providing megawatts of solar electricity and solar agricultural water.

It is recognized that less than 1% of the world’s water is fit for human consumption, including drinking, industrial and agricultural needs. The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2025, some 40% of the world’s population will be without access to clean water. WWST can provide on-site immediate relief in humanitarian crises such as Puerto Rico’s plight following the recent hurricanes; Haiti after the earthquake of 2010; Darfur, Sudan; Japan after its earthquake and tsunami, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Purchasers of WWST’s solar technology, including life-saving solar purification units such as the Mobile MaxPure® Reverse Osmosis system for desalinating as well as purifying water, include the US State Department, through the US General Services Administration (GSA); the US Army, Marines and Coast Guard, the US Dept. of Agriculture, the US Parks Service, and numerous private buyers, NGO’s and Foundations.

“Getting these life-saving water systems to the people in the highest areas of need is our top priority,” said Carolyn Kelly Colella, founder and Executive Director of WWST’s affiliate GlobeWater® and Solar Technologies (GWST). Ms. Kelly Colella, whose company focuses on empowering women to be leaders in clean water and clean power, added that “at WWST and GWST, we want to take the occasion of World Water Day to highlight the pressing issues facing women and the world at large to help ensure universal and immediate access to clean water.”

For World Water Day, WorldWater is sponsoring a Virtual Run organized by the nonprofit MissionCleanWater. Donations raised through this fundraiser will bring clean water to the Neema community in rural Kenya. For more information, visit to learn how you can help provide clean water to this under-served community.

About WorldWater® & Solar Technologies
Since 1984, WorldWater® has provided viable solutions for solar electric power and water crises globally, including patented solar-powered systems that can provide electric power as well as pump hundreds of thousands of gallons per day from lakes, rivers and deep wells for irrigation and municipal water supply. The company also produces and installs standalone, portable water filtration technologies that convert sea water and up to 30,000 gallons of polluted fresh water into clean water per day for drinking, cooking and hygiene.

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