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Carlos Aguirre Promoting His New Book The Wealth Taboo.

The Wealth Taboo by Carlos Aguirre MBA

El Tabu de la Riqueza por Carlos Aguirre MBA

The Book Includes Information on How to Manage Money and to Get Away From the Mainstream Investment Field.

“It creates awareness of our current alarming social-economic situation, which will doom younger generations.””
— William Bronchick Esq.
ARLINGTON, TEXAS, USA, March 18, 2018 / -- Aguirre brings more than 20 years of experience in the finance service and advisory industry into his book. A veteran of the real estate and private lending fields, Aguirre is aiming to help people learn more about how to use a true path of wealth to be more successful.

The Wealth Taboo includes many valuable points for all to follow. These include points like understanding the world banking system and how the current money banking system uses people. This includes a look at how the system is used to help with producing wealth for some but not for all people. Diversification and residual income are prominently covered in this book. The use of a strong financial network is emphasized in particular to help people understand what they can do to produce more wealth and give themselves the power and control you need over their lives.

The main point that Aguirre wants people to understand is that they are often played for as pawns in the financial system. While banks and other larger financial institutions are capable of making more money, it is often harder for individual people to actually make the money that they want to get.

While people often work hard for their money, they will have an easier time with succeeding when they look more into how their funds are organized. By reading The Wealth Taboo, people can learn how to change their mindsets around and to think differently. People need to understand this to have a clear idea of what can be done to manage different concepts or ideas for handling money and knowing how to invest and bank the right way.

Carlos Aguirre is inviting people to take a look at what The Wealth Taboo has to offer for those who want to get more out of their funds. Visit to get additional information on this and other productions from Aguirre and to learn more about his work.

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The Wealth Taboo by Carlos Aguirre|Foreword by William Bronchick Esq.