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‘In Pursuit of Pennants’ Issued in Paperback for 2018 Season Reveals What Business Can Learn from Baseball & Vice Versa

"In Pursuit of Pennants is by far the best treatment of the building of baseball teams." -- Jan Finkel, Inside Game

Levitt: 2017 Winner of the prestigious Henry Chadwick Award Honoring Baseball's Great Researchers

Levitt's 2017 Speech Presentation to SportCon Analytics Event

Award-Winning Book Expertly Analyzes and Critiques Baseball Operations from Deadball to Moneyball and Explains Why Some Teams Win While Others Don't

In Pursuit of Pennants shows how new ideas and innovative management have transformed how winning teams and dynasties succeed, underscoring what business can learn from baseball and vice versa.”
— Dan Levitt, Award-Winning Author, MLB Commentator, Historian, Scholar, Fan
MINNEAPOLIS, MN, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2018 / -- From its Deadball era beginnings to the post-Moneyball, Big Data era, baseball fans and general managers alike have often wondered, “Why do some baseball teams win while others don’t?" Now an award-winning 2015 hardcover book that looks at all aspects of the game from the front office to playing field -- scouting and talent acquisition, use of technology, innovation, management styles, leadership and other important variables -- is coming out in paperback with a new epilogue just in time for Major League Baseball's 2018 season.

In Pursuit of Pennants (University of Nebraska Press; 504 pages; $26.95) by MLB TV commentator, award-winning baseball author, scholar, and fan, Dan Levitt * (with coauthor Mark Armour) examines and analyzes a number of compelling, winning baseball teams like the Yankees over many years, the Dodgers of the 1950s and 60s, the Big Red Machine, the Giants of the early 2010s, and others over the past 100-plus years, focusing on key decision making and how championship teams are assembled. The new title is now available at local and online booksellers.

"Now more than ever, winning baseball teams need major league talent in the front office and on the field," notes Levitt, who is a leading expert and a 2017 recipient of the prestigious Henry Chadwick Award from the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), established to honor the game’s great researchers. "In Pursuit of Pennants shows how new ideas and innovative management have transformed how winning teams and dynasties have been put together." According to Levitt, "many of the takeaway lessons in this book are applicable to all types of businesses, and this book underscores what business can learn from baseball and vice versa."


• "In Pursuit of Pennants is by far the best treatment of the building of baseball teams. It belongs in easy reach on every baseball researcher’s desk or bookshelf, and it’s going to be there for a very long time."—Jan Finkel, Inside Game

• “Armour and Levitt have given the reader an inside look into the different cultures and challenges facing professional sports executives. Their management styles might differ, but the objective never changes: ‘Be a consistent winner.’”— Pat Gillick, President, Philadelphia Phillies

• "If Moneyball is the tale of how a modern front office works, In Pursuit of Pennants is the prequel that ably sets the stage." -- Jonah Keri, The Extra 2% and Up, Up, and Away

• "The book is exceptionally well-researched, -reasoned, and -argued, and also exceptionally well-written."—Rob Neyer,


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*More About Dan Levitt

Dan Levitt is one of baseball's most astute front office analysts of owners, general managers and baseball business strategies. He combines a historical, scholarly and fan understanding of teams, coaches, players and pennants. He well could be the man for whom the ubiquitous term "Inside Baseball" was coined. He is an award-winning author, MLB Network TV commentator, sports radio guest, recipient of the SABR’s 2015 Bob Davids Award, and a diehard fan of America's classic pastime. Levitt always delivers an acute perspective on how the business of baseball impacts the playing of baseball.

He has written four acclaimed books and dozens of essays illustrating the importance that GM's, team owners, coaches and players collectively share in shaping baseball culture, history -- and the game itself. Levitt's formidable knowledge and nuanced attention to detail will dramatically enhance any fan's love of the game.

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