Wave to your smart touchless kitchen stove to bake your pizza and warm up your soup without laying a finger on it

gesture control

Raise and lower the cooktop temperature with only a hand gesture

gesture control

simply motion with two fingers extended which burner you want to turn on

gesture control

Wtih an unmistakeable clockwise motion turn on your cooktop

gesture control

medical light hand gestures controll is an alternat use of the patent

Audio and motion-based control of a personalized smart appliance, media, and methods of use patent number 9791936

Aram hopes that hand gesture vision systems will become commonplace in all homes in the near future, in the same way the on slot of voice-activated devices seem to be proliferating everywhere.”
— Aram Kovach

WESTERVILLE, OH, USA, March 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Hand gesture-based smart device is a practical use of a kitchen controlled appliance, which is designed to allow the user to turn on an off the appliance using only hand gestures. No touching is involved so make no mistake this is not another pretty touch screen idea. It is a revolutionary way to control a kitchen cooktop using only one's hand and no knobs or controls to turn touch or twist. Rather innovative, hand gesture controls are emerging in some newer cars to control the radio and media and even for controlling one's drone with a wave of a hand. It is the inventor's vision of a future where there are no more remotes. All one needs to interact with a device is a motion or gesture. Sure you can also use your voice to control your smart home, like Alexa or Siri or Google home, but that is old school and not practical if you have to tell everyone in your kitchen to pipe down during a party so you can turn on your stove with your voice, provided you don't have a foreign accent. Gesture-based control is instead a more practical and intuitive way to turn the appliance on or off, the inventor believes this new way of interacting with devices could be the up and coming way to control everything.

A new and visionary way to engage an appliance which you can do day or night, in any country regardless of language or geographic location, the gestures are the same, a kind of universal language to motion an action. The process is silent, and in contrast to voice controls, as is the case of this smart appliance, the kitchen can be full of people and the party a humming with music and loud, boisterous conversations, while everyone is talking singing or dancing, you wave your hand, and the pizza is baked. With another wave of ones, hands stove is shut off, a mere gesture of a hand over smart appliances (AI) Artificial Intelligence visual brain sensor that most of your party guest would not even be aware that happened. You are the commander of your domain, or your kitchen stove or cooktop. The inventor feels this is undoubtedly the look ahead for the next foreseeable future until mind control takes over. (grin) It is a smart way to manipulate functions of a device because each hand gesture can be taught to be different and unique for each person. So even disabled veterans with artificial limbs can now turn on a stove without having to awkwardly twist a knob with a hard to manipulate prosthetic hand or arm.

The inventors patented smart appliance is seeking a partnership with an appliance manufacturer to build these kinds of intelligent devices, which he hopes will be selling soon worldwide, that is as soon as the right licensing model of the patent can be negotiated. The motion gesture solution can be used by manufacturers of both high-end home appliances as well as the low-end everyday smart home device. Electronic doorbell cameras or similar camera-based controllers for everything from a car to a smart home so that sign language like passcode gestures could unlock your front door, without any keys or buttons, by motioning secret code gestures to open your car door, no keys required in your pocket at all. The future is bright for this new gesture-based tech, and Aram hopes that indeed hand gesture vision systems will become commonplace in all homes shortly, in the same way, the current on slot of voice-activated devices seems to be proliferating everywhere. The exciting thing is that in a small but significant way hand gestures will garner center stage adoption by consumers, once the first TV or big screen monitor or projector gets sold, without an old fashion remote. Imagine never having to look for a remote instead, waving your TV to the next station or program by just using your fingers to point it to the icon of the show you want to watch. Once gesturing to a device to turn on or perform a function is as common as today's coffee in the morning as a trend, our lives could be forever transformed.

World-renowned hospitals can now use hand gestures to manipulate equipment in the hospitals without touching the lights or buttons or switches which pose a tremendous health risk, if they are improperly sterilized, from the prior surgery in the same operating room. So if motion gestures are good for such high-risk behaviors as keeping lights and gear germ-free, why would you touch the knob of your oven or stove with the same hand you just chopped up the veggies or touched the fish you are about to cook. Have you ever wondered how many germs your kitchen stove knobs are harboring from everything that is the standard cold virus, to a bacteria infested smorgasbord of dog licks and sneezes captured by everyone’s hands before touching the stove to cook their dinner? Hand gestures facilitate a new breed of interactive smart appliance communications that is germ-free and easy to use.

The inventor is seeking licensing partnerships to commercialize the technology domestically and internationally by initiating dialogue with innovative manufacturers in the US and other countries that are seeking creative recognition as leaders in the touchless artificial intelligence, man-machines technology interface space.

About the inventor

Professional Engineer and a dynamic entrepreneur energized by delivering creative and innovative software and hardware solutions. Thrives on continually evolving and learning new business ideas. As a technology digerati, with expertise and lifelong experience in mobile commerce, e-commerce, and banking technologies. Focused on consulting and corporate advisory services, transformational business presentations, managing a team of seasoned software developers and full stack engineers that love developing vision focused customized software solutions. Managed projects involving Artificial intelligence vision learning systems and mobile marketing software integration for building and designing custom vision hardware solutions. Worked with his team of developers and engineers to invent and develop CRM (customer relationship modeling) solutions that interfaced to existing ERP (enterprise resource planning) software systems, to help companies be more productive and profitable. The current areas of interest are ICO (initial coin offerings), Blockchain based decentralized solutions, personal medical healthcare record storage and retrieval, Ethereum, Casper, Sharding, Hyperledger, Mining and Smart contracts are just some of the recent areas of interest and technology focus.


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