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Voter Supression In Chandler Arizona Non Partisan Elections

2018 Chandler Mayor Election - Martin Sepulveda

2018 Chandler Mayor Election

Martin Sepulveda Demands More Inclusive Chandler Elections

CHANDLER, AZ, UNITED STATES, March 16, 2018 / -- Martin Sepulveda Demands More Inclusive Chandler Elections

Martin Sepulveda, the candidate for Chandler Mayor, made a beeline to the mic during Chandler City Council's March 8th public comment period.

Chandler's current city council — including Sepulveda's opponent — listened as Martin took the microphone.
"I'm here to speak regarding the disparity in Chandler's non-partisan election process."

Most Arizona votes are cast via mail by voters on the Permanent Early Voter List. Despite city races being non-partisan, only Republicans and Democrats are automatically sent mail-in ballots. independent and third party voters must request a mail-in ballot by contacting the Chandler City Clerk.

Sepulveda, a former councilman, Navy veteran and longtime Chandler resident went on to detail the way Chandler's election process fails to represent independent voters.

"In 2014, there were ... over 54,000 registered voters that weren't registered as Republicans or Democrats in Chandler, but only 1200 of those voters actually took the extra step and requested a ballot to vote, a partisan ballot to vote in a non-partisan election. [...] It makes sense to a lot of residents and certainly me that we have a council really involves and represents the entire community."

Sepulveda didn't hold back.
"This is a form of voter suppression"

Martin Sepulveda left no doubt. Voter participation is now an issue in this year's Chandler mayoral election. The question now is how voters and Sepulveda's opponent, Kevin Hartke will respond.

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