IC Precheck Announces Systems Integration and Collaboration with Genesys Talent

Combining talent cloud strategies with this new IC certification standard brings unprecedented efficiency and security to the market for freelancers.

Our partnership with IC Precheck fits precisely into our ecosystem strategy for delivering value to both our candidates and our clients.”
— Rick Roberts, President and Founder of Genesys

GREENVILLE, SC, USA, March 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ -- IC Precheck announces systems integration and business collaboration with Genesys Talent, and in so doing has enhanced the ecosystem that supports the contingent labor industry. Combining talent cloud strategies with this new Independent Contractor certification, training, and due diligence standard brings unprecedented efficiency and security to the engagement of freelancers and independents.

In response to increased demand for more efficient and compliant engagement of freelancers and independent workers, IC Precheck, LLC, launched a contractor-paid compliance product that certifies the worker meets the myriad of regulatory criteria for Independent Contractor (IC) classification and delivers a comprehensive IC due diligence and compliance package to the IC's clients and their third-party compliance providers.

Independent Contractor misclassification is a material risk to both the independent worker and the companies to whom they deliver their services. The traditional process for mitigating this risk has been to conduct full compliance screening of the worker and each engagement they enter after he or she has been selected by the hiring manager and awarded the work. Only then does the critical risk screening occur to determine if the contractor meets Independent Contractor criteria established by the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Labor and various other state and federal agencies.

"Companies lower their risk of misclassification and better manage their workforce budgets when they can confidently identify certified ICs up front in the selection process" says Ken Hernandez, IC Precheck Co-Founder. But savings and risk compliance are not the only benefits of looking for the IC Precheck seal on freelancer's resumes and online profiles. Michael Matherly, IC Precheck Co-Founder explains: "The typical screening process and gathering of IC documentation takes about 8-15 days. However, by selecting an IC Precheck certified contractor the company reduces time-to-onboard [a key industry performance metric] by up to 80%. IC Precheck sends the certification package, which includes certificate of insurance, background check clearance and other required due diligence and compliance documentation, directly to the client or their third-party compliance provider on day 1."

By combining talent cloud strategies with the additional acceleration of IC Precheck, Genesys can design, build, and maintain highly available clouds of independent talent with reliable compliance assurance and unmatched onboarding times. "Our partnership with IC Precheck fits precisely into our ecosystem strategy for delivering value to both our candidates and our clients. In this case, we're able to do so simultaneously which is a very nice win. We look forward to expanding the scope of our talent clouds to include more true independents as a result of this powerful partnership." says Rick Roberts, President and Founder of Genesys.

Working together, Genesys Talent and IC Precheck provide clients unparalleled access to the talent they need, when they need it and with the IC credentials that save them time and money while safeguarding them against misclassification risk.

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IC Precheck makes the market for independent contractors safe and reliable for all parties. To learn more about the IC Precheck product, visit www.icprecheck.com. To learn how partnering with IC Precheck can add real value to the sourcing and engagement of freelancers without adding costs to contingent labor providers and clients, contact Michael Matherly at michael@icprecheck.com or +1 (864) 321-0729.

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