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Abattis Completes Acquisition to Become a Full Suite Cannabis Company -- CFN Media

SEATTLE, March 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CFN Media Group ("CannabisFN"), the leading creative agency and media network dedicated to legal cannabis, announces publication of an article discussing Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. (CSE:ATT) (CNSX:ATT) (ATT.CN) (OTCQB:ATTBF) and it full suite cannabis services strategy. Abattis recognizes the complexity of the legal cannabis market and, through a series of partnerships and acquisitions, has developed a very comprehensive set of services and product offerings to address many of the industry’s verticals. The company’s recent acquisition of a 90% interest in a Licensed Producer (LP) applicant in many ways completes the suite of products and services offerings for Abattis. If approved, having an LP under its roof frees the company to not only be a leading full service downstream service provider but also directly sell cannabis products to customers.

In the legal cannabis industry there are several verticals that are currently valuable and that will only grow more valuable as the industry matures both domestically and globally. The most obvious, and to this point the most lucrative, is the cultivation and sale of the cannabis flower itself. That is really only the beginning, however, in a market that is highly regulated and segmented. Those flowers can be made into other derivative products like medicines, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. The flower itself may need to be tested for safety and content. Delivery of the active ingredients can be maximized with novel formulations and effective delivery mechanisms. Exacting regulations require constant attention and oversight to ensure compliance. The list goes on. Abattis addresses all of these market niches.

Licensed Producer as Enabler

Historically, Abattis consisted of a Licensed Dealer/laboratory business (Northern Vine Labs) and a nutraceutical product development and distribution business (Vergence Naturals). The company early on recognized the potential for cannabinoid-based products that could be legally researched and developed through its lab and sold through its distribution channels. The fly in the ointment, so to speak, was the lack of a consistent supply of raw cannabis material to fuel the R&D on a large scale. Bringing an LP in-house would solve that problem immediately while adding considerable value as a stand-alone component of the company’s overall structure.

Abattis has North American and European rights to an incredibly efficient extraction technology based on column chromatography. The technology touts industrial scale capabilities combined with industry leading purity at less than half the cost of conventional CO2 methods. This extraction technology has the potential to transform the extraction market as Abattis sells and services the product. Perhaps more importantly, the company will be able to use the tech with its in-house supply from the LP to create a wide-range of derivative products.

Along those lines, Abattis has already developed a CBD-based sunscreen. It has a broad agreement in place to work with and advise British Columbia liquor licensees on the commercialization of cannabis-based products, and a specific arrangement with a Vancouver-based craft brewer for the development of a hemp-infused, cannabinoid-rich, THC-free craft beer.

More recently, Abattis announced a Letter of Intent to provide Kanabé Corporation with cannabinoids and a suite of services including formulation, manufacturing, analytical and regulatory guidance. Kanabé is a manufacturer of health and wellness products, and Abattis’ numerous abilities will help the company develop cannabis-based products it couldn’t legally develop on its own. You can see where Abattis is headed, and the LP will allow the company to get there more quickly, efficiently, and independently.

The Full Suite of Abattis’ Products and Services

On top of the developments and initiatives discussed above, Abattis has a few other tricks up its sleeve that demonstrate the range and depth of its operations. The company recently finalized the 100% acquisition of Green Tree Therapeutics and its leading line of cannabis vaporizers. Abattis plans to develop cannabis oil and extract products to pair with the vaporizers with an eye on the upcoming full legalization of marijuana across Canada. Vaporizers and the accompanying oils and extracts are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking the whole flower.

Abattis also recently announced the sponsorship of a program, in conjunction with the University of British Columbia, to research and develop transmucosal delivery of cannabinoid oils. Effective delivery of cannabinoids remains a hurdle in the industry, as many active ingredients never make it past the digestive system into the bloodstream and smoking is not terribly efficient while offering negative side effects. Successful development of this technology would likely inform a whole line of products and formulations, both in-house for Abattis and in partnership with other companies.

Abattis also acquired a 49% stake in the cryptocurrency company CannaNUMUS Blockchain. CannaNUMUS plans to launch a cannabis-focused coin with a unique take. The coin is intended as a transactional instrument among companies and investors involved in legal cannabis. When launched, it should grow in value as more companies sign on to accept the coin. Two prospective licensed producers have signed on to this point.

Abattis’ Continues Aggressive Growth Strategy

From plant to consumer and almost everything in between, Abattis is actively growing a vertically integrated company that is positioned to capitalize on the exploding legal cannabis market. The recent acquisition of the LP applicant ties the whole thing together and enables the company to move ahead more independently than previously possible. Since taking over as CEO of Abattis, Rob Abenante has aggressively built the company into a diversified cannabis company. Keep an eye on Abattis for more developments as the recreational market nears and business opportunities expand even further.

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