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FashionTV Crypto Launch

FashionTV celebrated the launch of the pre-sale of FashionTV Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of FTV Coin Deluxe.

VIENNA, VIENNA, AUSTRIA, March 12, 2018 / -- FashionTV celebrated the launch of the pre-sale of FashionTV Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of FTV Coin Deluxe, the acceptance of Bitcoins and in the near future FTV Coins Deluxe for F products and services and at the F Cafés, F Hotel, F Clubs and F Residences etc.
This was a luxurious affair with performer crypto queen Anja J performing the song “I want to be a crypto millionaire” surrounded by beautiful FashionTV models.
FashionTV’s president, Michel Adam personally introduced the FTV ICO in the presence of major crypto affluent. FashionTV advisors like Magdalena Isbrandt from House of Nakamoto, Dr. Oliver Völkel from Stadler Völkel Attorneys and the FashionTV team.
In the ICO, the Austrian FashionTV company FTV Media GmbH will issue up to 1.5 billion 'FTV Coins Deluxe'. One portion of the coins will to be issued in the ICO pre-sales period for a price of 0.18 Euro and the other portion in the subsequent sale for a price of 0.25 Euro. Details of the terms and conditions can be found at
Michel Adam said:
“Fashion TV's coins are ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. The coins can be used by owners as corporate currency for various FashionTV products. On one side, these are the classic services of the group such as TV, streaming and video on demand services. In addition, FashionTV wants to offer the blockchain community its own platform for luxury goods and services, and aims at bringing the blockchain technology closer to the fashion community. To this end, FashionTV is developing a blockchain-based solution to have transparency for models and their parents in the model business, to ensure they get more money and are treated fairly (see chart).”

Max Posch
FTV Media Ges.m.b.H.
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