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You Should own your health Records

Using Blockchain technology , SSOT health wanted to make you own your health records.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA, March 7, 2018 / -- Our health records are stored in many different Electronic Health Care systems. This causes major issue of not able to get Single Source of truth about your overall health condition. Would that be great if we own our health records in a our finger tips (smart app) and able to keep it in a secured , distributed database and send or receive your health records as when you needed. Yes, that’s exactly SSOT Health Foundation ( working to solve the problem.

SSOT Health is fundamentally reengineering the way the healthcare providers and stakeholders manages the electronic health records and interact with healthcare teams.

The SecuredPHR is the first app developed ground up using Blockchain technology in the world. Everyone have right to own their own medical data in secured system, SecuredPHR is data wallet with anyone and who has control to whom share using iron-clad security protocol powered by SSOT Blockchain framework.
How it works?

Keep all personal medical records up to date.
Integrated with any medical system operates on Blockchain.
Authorization by the users discretion.
Granularity of the access level are defined by the patients.
You can export data in CCR format.
Data are in your hands of individual in a HIPPA/CMS compliant storage.
Blockchain enabled SSOT-ID creates SecuredPHR user accounts
SSOT Blockchain is Smartcontracts driven , encrypted distributed database system.Any interfaces to the external actors are processed by SSOT private chain powered techstack. Institutional transactions are validated by SSOT powered side chain.

SSOT Health poised to make impact on health records space including Personal Health Records, Pharmacy and Drug tracking and Insurance Cliams.
Are you interested to know more about it? visit — a non-profit Health Foundation empowered by Blockchain technology.

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