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Ammbr Progress on Blockchain Mesh Network to Broaden Internet Access

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, March 2, 2018 / -- The Ammbr Foundation has announced more details about the progress made in the efforts to enable universal access to high‐speed broadband for all.

After extensive collaboration last year, the Ammbr Foundation licensed AmmbrTech, and its subsidiary Spectramesh, Inc., to develop and manufacture the first Ammbr blockchain mesh wifi routers. Derek Smith, who is currently CEO at both the Ammbr Foundation and AmmbrTech, shared: “AmmbrTech has demonstrated its abilities and the team has grown significantly, as we recruited experts from around the world that are committed to Ammbr’s vision. They each have a wealth of experience in their various fields. We all believe that we are at the forefront of something truly special. We have put every effort into ensuring that we succeed in our mission and we are taking no half measures.”

The hardware and software development of the Ammbr router is ongoing. To better support the strategy of collaboration with academia and existing community networks, Ammbr Research Labs has been established as a subsidiary of AmmbrTech, under the management of Dr. Arjuna Sathiaseelan in Cambridge, UK. Ammbr Research Labs brings together existing, peer-reviewed and widely acknowledged work from the diverse R&D team. The team has collectively released over a thousand peer-reviewed research publications and open source technologies. They are steadfast in setting the benchmark for blockchain based mesh networks. Several pilot trials of the technology are scheduled for Europe, Africa, and Asia starting in Q2 of 2018.

Ammbr also announced that AmmbrTech is releasing the first commercial piece of hardware shortly - a hardware wallet capable of storing cryptographic tokens. The Ipso Vault - a bitcoin hardware wallet in its first release - is scheduled for launch in Q2 2018. This hardware wallet represents the first in a line of private key management tools to ensure security and a comprehensive, self-sovereign digital identity and digital asset framework for Ammbr users.
“Beyond our technological aspirations, the Ammbr Foundation is as determined as ever to engage with all stakeholders to ensure that our product finds its way into the hands of those who truly need it – the 4.1 billion people without access to reliable internet”, continued Derick Smith. “Our governmental interactions, as well as grassroots community support for early deployment trials are going extremely well, and we are receiving wholehearted support.”

Looking ahead, Ammbr is working on laying the proper foundations for the creation of a fully decentralized telecommunications network, with edge computing capabilities at scale, and an overlying economic framework that supports a wide variety of applications across multiple sectors.

“As we work towards that, we will continue to make use of our existing partnerships with several community networks. We are already working with these communities in co-designing our core platform offering. Through these networks, we hope to ensure rapid early adoption across half a million potential users within the first year.”

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About AmmbrTech:
AmmbrTech is a distributed technology group, headquartered in Luxembourg, with subsidiaries and operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong. The Ammbr Foundation licensed AmmbrTech to develop key technologies for the Ammbr Mesh Network. For more information about AmmbrTech, please visit

About Ammbr:
The Ammbr Foundation is based in Singapore and bears primary responsibility for the ordered development of the global Ammbr Mesh Network. For more information about Ammbr, please visit
Note to editors: Ammbr is pronounced the same as "Amber". "Ammbr" refers to the Ammbr Foundation and Ammbr products and technology.

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