Master Grower Joins OrgHarvest in Las Vegas Nevada facility

120,000 square foot Glass House

Rick Snelson Innovated growing and experimenting with new strains led to a 2006 creation from a new strain from two elite strains

OrgHarvest (OTCQX:HSPG)

Rick’s accomplishments include an introduction of upscale medical and recreational cannabis strains.”
— Frank Celecia

INCLINE VILLAGE, NEVADA, USA, February 14, 2018 / -- With over 34 years developing proper horticulture methods, and while working as the administrative
supervisor to create Nativa and Hybrid strains. Rick’s wide range of skills includes both indoor and
outdoor greenhouse operations.
Mr Snelso's experience in organization and administration in a grow operation lay in staffing, training, motivating,
coaching and supervising greenhouse staff. His maintenance of quality assurance, Inventory & Safety
Controls, as well as ensuring strict adherence to company & government standards & regulations is key
to working in a large scale commercial greenhouse.
Rick’s accomplishments include an introduction to upscale medical and recreational cannabis strains.
Innovated growing experimenting with new strains led to a 2006 creation from a new strain from two elite
strains, “Trinity OG Kush” combined with “King Louis” creating “King Triton OG.” Tested at 28% THC,
King Triton OG still holds top seller status today after years of high-level competition and it remains in high demand.
OrgHarvest is a new company in the Nevada recreational Marijuana industry
dedicated to cultivating and the production of Cannabis and Cannabis products.
Home Shopping Latino, Inc. is the parent company of OrgHarvest and is registered in
the State of Delaware. Home Shopping Latino, Inc. trades publicly under the stock
symbol “HSPG” on the Over-the-Counter Market in the USA(OTCIQ). OrgHarvest is a
(dba). The company will submit the necessary information and will file for a symbol
change to “ORGH”.

Existing Common Shareholders
Shareholders of common shares of HSL Inc. do not have to do anything with their
existing shares and will automatically be converted one for one in the new company

The company will file for a name change to OrgHarvest. OrgHarvest will cultivate
high-quality Cannabis and Cannabis plants. The company’s goal is to provide high-quality
Cannabis to retail Marijuana stores, manufacturing and other cultivation facilities in Las Vegas, Reno, and the surrounding
The company will distribute Cannabis through wholesale transactions to qualified Marijuana Establishments. The company will
operate under stringent quality control processes with all of the Marijuana products to be distributed only after passing all state-required
inspections by independent third-party testing facilities and internal inspections, before being provided to the end users.
The company will seek to obtain a license to operate a Cultivation and Production facility from a private company in the
The state of Nevada.
OrgHarvest will not only strive to provide high-quality Cannabis but produce it in the most sustainable manner. We are poised to
become an industry leader in the Cannabis industry. The target market for OrgHarvest comprises of retail stores, processors, and
the 45 million tourists that visit Las Vegas and Reno/Lake Tahoe each year and adjacent producers interested in local businesses
and farms that create products from the ground up.

Recent research indicates that the Cannabis industry has been growing steadily and rapidly since the passage of laws allowing the
distribution of Marijuana. According to Oakland based Marijuana Angel Investment Network, The ArcView Group (Executive
Summary, 5th Edition), national legal sales for 2016 grew to $6.7 billion from $5 billion in 2015, fueled by explosive growth in adult
use market sales. The growth continues a robust pattern that ArcView estimates will lead to a $22.6 billion market in 2021 at a 27%
compound annual growth rate.
In November 2016, a new set of regulations paved the way for a recreational Marijuana market in Nevada. The State of Nevada
began recreational sales on July 1, 2017, which is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 42% over the next five
years thus adding up to $433 million in sales annually by 2021. The evolving legal environment combined with changing public
attitudes are all factors contributing to a perfect storm to cultivate industry growth.

Frank Celecia
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