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The Holy Grail for Big Data Real-time Streaming Applications

X Platform™ - Using Big Data, High Performance Stream Transaction Processing to enable in transaction analytics

SUNNYVALE , CA, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2018 / --

This week Neeve Research released version 3.8 of its in-memory platform which introduces several new features including the ability to index and query your state objects ... combining X Platform's in-memory speed with the simplicity of Plain Old Java Objects and SQL.

New State Indexing capabilities allow for storing objects in a collection by arbitrary alternative unique or non-unique keys. This is perfect for reducing iteration through collections of objects by instead using ranged indexes.

The introduction of XSQL State Query capabilities reduces the need for coding logic to find data in your application's state tree. For example, one can select top spending customers as simply as issuing: "SELECT Customer FROM store ORDER BY Customer.totalSpend"

Because these Queries operate directly on objects and indexes already in memory the performance is perfect for use cases like fraud detection, industrial IOT, trading and gaming where performance and scale are mandatory.

In addition, the 3.8 Release of X Platform™ includes significant new capabilities to Lumino, Neeve’s open source management and monitoring suite. The Enhanced Host, XVM and Stats Dashboards make it easier than ever to drill down, optimize and monitor your applications.

New XVM stats including, store data sizes, additional disruptor stats and transaction log usage stats are expanded.

The X Platform™ 3.8 Release, also introduces several new configuration features designed around making it possible to configure a fully defined multi-agent system in a single configuration artifact that can span multiple deployment environments making for a smooth transition as applications are promoted from lower to higher environments.

Examples of new configuration attributes include:

• Templates - Apps, XVMs, and Buses can use templates to reduce configuration repetition.
• Profiles – 3.8 has the ability to define profiles that override/augment base configuration. Profiles can be activated based on the target environment to which
a system is being deployed, thus allowing multiple environments to be configured in a single, easy to maintain artifact
• XVM specific environments – Allows XVMs to define their own environment to allow localizing each XVM and its applications specifically.
• Provisioning Information – DDL now allows configuring Host, JVM, and directory locations. When combined with the open source X Platform™ Robin and
Lumino modules, these new profiles allows fully configuring a system through to its target hosts.

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