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666-Point Loss on the Dow: A Sign of an Economic Apocalypse

Author. Shriek: an absurd novel

A prophetic tale about market collapses, absurd politics and blockchain economics.

The 666-point fall on the Dow on Friday is the basis of the next prophecy.”
— Davide A. Cottone

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, February 4, 2018 / -- Aleph McNaught, the protagonist in Davide A. Cottone’s novel “Shriek: an absurd novel” made his first fortune on the stock market in the decade prior to the great crash of 1987.

He timed his exit in late August 1987 to perfection; just before the 19th of October crash.

‘The truth is Aleph understood herd mentality. He ran hard with the bulls on the way up but kept to the outside so that he wouldn’t be trampled when the herd turned on itself and began running in the opposite direction,’ says Mr Cottone.

With his windfall profits, Aleph invested in commercial and industrial properties along with a casino and became a canal development mogul before entering politics funded by his enormous store of wealth.

He becomes President of the mythical country of Umbugumbuland on the promise that everything would be great again under his presidency.

His politics of absurd thought which he dubs “absurdism” is based ironically on his explanation of the mathematics behind the triangular number 666 referred to as “the mark of the beast” in Revelation XIII: 16-18.

‘The mathematics behind the number 666 is explained in “Shriek: an absurd novel” to help the reader understand how Aleph McNaught thinks,’ says Mr Cottone. ‘It’s about enlightenment. He sees everything as interconnected; socially, politically, historically, culturally, technologically and most importantly economically.

‘That’s why Aleph abandons the use of fiat currencies in Umbugumbuland in favour of a “blockchain” backed Certificate of Insanity called COIN. In the book, Form 666 is the number of the form that each person must complete to qualify for one COIN certificate. That certificate entitles the holder to financial security for life. Because there are only 24 million COINS in circulation (a number equal to the population of Umbugumbuland), the value of the COIN, which can be traded, inflates exponentially as did the present cryptocurrencies after the novel was printed in April 2017; a prophecy fulfilled.

‘The 666-point fall on the Dow on Friday, the second of February 2018, is the basis of the next prophecy. It is a sign of an economic apocalypse; the beginning of the end of the traditional fiat currencies,” says Mr Cottone.

Is he dreaming?

‘We’re about to find out,’ says Mr Cottone.

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