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Why am I overweight? What caused my Obesity? What should I do to lose weight?

Why are you overweight/obese Statistics/ 2017-2018 questions

Dr Marcus Free MD

Dr Marcus Free MD

Why are you overweight/obese? Statistics ANSWERS chart by Must Cure Obesity

Why are you overweight/obese? Statistics ANSWERS chart by Must Cure Obesity

Why are you overweight/obese Statistics ANSWERS chart by Must Cure Obesity

MEN - Why are you overweight/obese? chart by Must Cure Obesity

WOMEN Why are you overweight/obese? Statistics WOMEN chart by Must Cure Obesity

WOMEN - Why are you overweight/obese chart by Must Cure Obesity

2,005 Americans answered frankly in an extensive Men Vs. Women study conducted by Don Karl Juravin & Dr. Marcus Free from Must Cure Obesity

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— Don Karl Juravin
ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2018 / -- A study conducted by: Must Cure Obesity and prepared by Dr. Marcus Free, MD and Don Karl Juravin

Large survey conducted with 2,005 respondents during Aug-Sep 2017 in all 50 states. 2,005 random were asked online to reveal the cause of their personal overweight or obesity condition: "Why Am I Overweight?" aiming to find the perceived causes of obesity.

Note that this study reflects the self-perception and not the qualified weight of the respondents. Conceivably, some non-overweight individuals perceive themselves as "overweight" while some individuals who do qualify as overweight perceive themselves as not overweight.

Upcoming comparison: Why Am I overweight? By region, by state, by age contact

** Interesting Gender Differences **

Only 41.6% of the women declared not to be overweight while 58.5% of the men insisted that they are not.


2 in 3 (67%) individuals in the United States see themselves as being overweight or obese while one-third don't. Similarly, a 2016 Gallup poll (with only 1,019 respondents) showed that 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. In contrast to our study, however, the Gallup poll reported that only 36% of Americans think that they are overweight or obese.

Our study showed that most individuals in the United States who are overweight correctly perceive of themselves as being overweight. Our study more comprehensively examined the detailed reasons for each individual’s overweight condition, which may explain our study’s more accurate results. The current survey, with nearly double the number of respondents, shows that the 2016 Gallup poll is likely incorrect, and shows that more, not less, Americans are aware of their weight status.

Further, our study when compared to a previous Gallup study in 1990 showing that 56% of the US population was medically overweight and only 48% felt they were overweight leads to the conclusion that self-awareness of the overweight condition has dramatically grown over the last three decades.

Additionally, our study showed that nearly half (49%) of all overweight patients in the US believe that the way they eat (overeating, emotional/stress eating, or cravings) is the cause of their weight problem.


#1 Lack of exercise: 41%

#2 Overeating: 24%

#3 Emotional/stress eating: 19%

#4 Cravings/bad eating: 7%

#5 Mainly medications: 4%

Other: 5%

This study reveals that more Americans realize that avoiding obesity is within their control.

** 41% say: Lack of exercise **
Both genders agree that lack of activity and exercise is a major cause for overweight and obesity in United States (women 52% vs men 48%).
This is a new surprising cause factor which represents an increase of honesty of Americans regarding their overweight condition.

** 24% say: Overeating **
Among US individuals that feel that the food quantity consumption is the problem, 35% more men than women feel that overeating is the real problem (57.4% are men Vs. 42.6% are women).

** 19% say: Emotional or Stress Eating **
Three times the number of women admit to emotional eating Vs. men (76% women Vs. 24%).

** 7% say: Cravings / Bad Eating **
Both men and women feel equally guilty about cravings and bad eating.

** 4% say: Mainly Medications **
1 in 25 overweight Americans blame medications as the cause of being overweight, with this factor being reported by three times as many women Vs. men (74.3% women vs. 25.7% men).

** 5% say: Other **
1 in 20 felt that they have another reason such as: pregnancy, genetics, social conditions, arthritis, chemotherapy, slow metabolism, hormone imbalance, older or advanced age, social eating and drinking, thyroid condition, or alcohol consumption.

Statistical base

52% are females, 48% are male

Midwest 24.5%
Northwest 18.8%
South 36.4%
West 20.3%

18-24 13.8%
25-34 17.4%
35-44 17.4%
45-54 17.9%
55-64 17.6%
65+ 15.9%

Please refer to the source:
*Numbers relate to the overweight respondents and were rounded

All the answers:
I'm definitely NOT overweight (32%)
Mainly lack of exercise (28%)
Mainly OVEREATING (16%)
Mainly EMOTIONAL or STRESS eating (13%)
Mainly CRAVINGS (5%)
Mainly medications (3%)
all of the above (<1%)
pregnancy (<1%)
prefer not to answer (<1%)
don't know (<1%)
genetic (<1%)
none of your business (<1%)
medical issues (<1%)
pcos (<1%)
not overweight (<1%)
my weight is not to far over or under (<1%)
not eating when i should (<1%)
some of all (<1%)
that is rude to ask (<1%)
babies (<1%)
medical condition (<1%)
eating the wrong foods (<1%)
eating junk foods (<1%)
funniest phrased question yet (<1%)
just had a baby (<1%)
lack.of.exercise and eating both (<1%)
postpartum new baby (<1%)
rude much (<1%)
social and class conditions (<1%)
hashimoto's (<1%)
i am not (<1%)
all (<1%)
arthritis (<1%)
chemotherapy (<1%)
giving birth menopause and age (<1%)
lack of exercise because of health issues overeating (<1%)
slow metabolism (<1%)
thyroid (<1%)
several of above (<1%)
i'm underweight (<1%)
thanks google i have an underactive thyroid (<1%)
illness (<1%)
that's really offensive (<1%)
chunky (<1%)
i have gotten older and have dieted a few times which i now believe lowered my overall metabolism (<1%)
poor diet and desk job caught up with me (<1%)
lack of exercise due to back injury (<1%)
never taught to eat intuitively meaning listening to my body signals (<1%)
medical problems and lack of exercise (<1%)
reasons (<1%)
alcohol (<1%)
why not (<1%)
lack of exercise (<1%)
too many beers (<1%)
health issues (<1%)
inherited (<1%)
no longer overweight had a gastric sleeve (<1%)
what makes you think i'm overweight (<1%)
due to health reasons i am limited in morning movement (<1%)
hormone imbalance (<1%)
eating the wrong things carbs (<1%)
just gave birth to child (<1%)
not so much (<1%)
i'm slightly overweight due to a medical condition that affects my eating habits and my metabolism i eat once every couple days and it is very unhealthy (<1%)
poor diet no exercise and sedentary work lifestyle (<1%)
combination of reasons (<1%)
hormonal pregnancy then menopause stable after each event (<1%)
mainly getting older (<1%)
standard american diet (<1%)
i am not overweight (<1%)
social eating and drinking (<1%)
arthritis and surgery (<1%)
i'm at correct weight (<1%)
mainly medical conditions (<1%)
pain and unable to exercise (<1%)
a combination of health issues eating habits age and lack of exercise (<1%)
thyroid problems (<1%)

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Must Cure Obesity
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