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Stylelabs integrates Microsoft Azure Functions into its innovative DAM platform, Marketing Content Hub

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This allows users to set up their own integrations and business rules and gives them greater flexibility in self-configuring Marketing Content Hub.

We're thrilled to see partners such as Stylelabs integrating their solutions with Azure Functions.”
— Nicole Herskowitz, General Manager, Microsoft Azure Product Marketing
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, January 22, 2018 / -- Stylelabs, a leading Belgium/US-based marketing software company, has integrated Microsoft Azure Functions into its innovative marketing platform, Marketing Content Hub. This allows users to set up their own integrations and business rules and gives them greater flexibility in self-configuring the product.

Stylelabs' Marketing Content Hub was built from the ground up to natively support Microsoft Azure and is now taking advantage of Azure Functions.

Azure Functions is a serverless solution for easily running small pieces of business logic, or "functions," in the cloud. You can write just the code you need for the problem at hand, without worrying about the whole application or the infrastructure to run it. You also pay as you go, which makes it very cost effective.

Through this service, end users of Marketing Content Hub can now self-configure business rules without the intervention of Stylelabs, significantly shortening the time spent on processes and events.

"Since Marketing Content Hub started supporting integration with Azure Functions, our partners and clients experience an incredible level of empowerment that allows for injecting custom business rules," said Wim Miserez, Director of Knowledge and Support, Stylelabs.

Where an integrator's developers used to keep several things in mind (application, infrastructure) while writing code, it's now possible to transfer multiple aspects to Functions and use time more productively.

"By managing the business logic outside of Marketing Content Hub, we're significantly reducing the maintenance cost and downtime as code doesn't have to be compiled and redeployed," said Fréderic Fosselle, VP of Technology, Stylelabs.

With Azure Functions, it has never been more convenient to develop serverless applications on Azure. Users can seamlessly create and upload code and choose specific triggers or events that will execute the code into Marketing Content Hub.

Marketing Content Hub takes a holistic approach to marketing content management, covering Digital Asset Management (DAM), brand portals, marketing resource management (MRM), digital rights management (DRM), and product information management (PIM) in one platform. Integrating Azure Functions with Marketing Content Hub enables Stylelabs to build an even more flexible marketing software that it can offer to customers and partners, respecting the highest standards of innovation quality.

"We're thrilled to see partners such as Stylelabs integrating their solutions with Azure Functions. Their customers improve agility and time to market with the ability to create new business rules with an easy self-configuration approach," said Nicole Herskowitz, General Manager, Microsoft Azure Product Marketing at Microsoft Corp.

About Stylelabs

Stylelabs is a software company with 15 years of experience in the development of enterprise marketing technology for world brands, pharmaceuticals, fast-moving consumer goods, media, retail and agencies. The company was founded in 2001 by Tim Pashuysen (CSO) and Tom De Ridder (CTO).

The company's American subsidiary, Stylelabs Inc., was established in 2013.
Stylelabs' clients are located mainly in Europe and the United States.

Marketing Content Hub®, as the Stylelabs platform is called, is a high-end software application that enables large companies to collate, organise and publish their marketing content, across a whole range of channels, including websites, e-commerce and social media. Marketing Content Hub enables data to be enriched, edited, evaluated and used in worldwide marketing campaigns. Everything is centralised in an easy-to-use portal site, giving marketing departments an invaluable tool for communicating faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost.

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