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SXSW has begun to explore Taiwanese music. Artists invited to the event display their diverse creative spirit.

Pre-Event Press Conference on January 10 at the Taipei Mayor’s Official Residence to announce the plans to the general public.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, January 10, 2018 / -- The SXSW is held in Austin, Texas every March. Over the last few years, it has become the world’s hottest music festival. Recently, Taiwanese artists have also performed at this grand festival, and have been enjoying increasing popularity due to the rise of Asian music. Representative Taiwanese artists and groups participating in the 2018 SXSW music festival include: Van Ness Wu, Sangpuy, Ruby Fatale, Prairie WWWW, PoeTek, and Sonia Calico. These six groups plan to leave for Austin, the capital city of Texas, on March 10. The Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development and GCA Entertainment have scheduled a pre-event press conference on January 10 at the Taipei Mayor’s Official Residence to announce the objectives and plans for their participation of the exhibition to the general public.

During the SXSW music festival, besides assembling performances by numerous artists from around the world, separate exhibition halls featuring many different fields, including interactive technology, film, investment, as well as culture and creativity, are set up. This wide variety of exhibitions is the reason for the event’s high degree of creativity and vitality, which has allowed the city of Austin to rise among the top “Next Biggest Boom Towns in the U.S.” each year. Furthermore, due to the diverse audience that the incredible performances in the SXSW music festival attract, Austin has even been named the Capital of Live Performance by international media.

The greatest difference between the SXSW music festival and regular music festivals lies in their selection mechanism. Applying artists and bands from around the world must undergo selection process and receive an invitation in order to perform at SXSW. Recent performances by Taiwan’s representative groups have been especially remarkable, earning recommendations and special reports by SXSW as well as local media. Last year, four groups of artists were simultaneously voted to receive commentary and recommendations, increasing their public recognition. This year, the six selected groups of Taiwanese artists feature various styles including electronic music, world music, hip-hop, and pop music. From unique to popular music, the scope of selection is extremely broad, as if trying to incorporate every single style of Taiwanese music.

Of the chosen groups, the artist that piques one’s interest the most is Van Ness Wu, who had decided to direct his career from acting to singing over the last two years. Despite having already achieved a certain degree of international fame in acting, Van Ness decided to challenge the SXSW qualifiers. His decision not only demonstrated his determination to shift his focus to music but also showed that the diverse creations and talents of Taiwanese artists are highly anticipated and valued by the SXSW music festival. This year’s Taiwan Beats showcase will be the most optimal opportunity for Taiwan’s musical soft power to take the international stage.

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