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The inventor of the EcoTraineR Thomas Delor's OPEN letter to the US CONGRESS' MEMBERS

Can be mounted in minutes

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Can be mounted in minutes

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"This American invention is a palliative to the 2015 Paris Accord" Thomas Delor

"I am confident that if we act together we can preserve America's natural blessings for future generations." Pdt Donald Trump”
— Pdt Donal trump
BUFORD, GA, USA, January 9, 2018 / -- To The Honorable Congressmen and Congresswomen:

It took more than three hundred years after Isaac Newton discovered in 686 the law of inertia to make this invisible force visible.
Lee Iacocca wrote: “Turn the problem to the engineers”. I invented a car instrument displaying the vehicle’s Inertia continuously and the US Patent Office registered it under US7411140. I named it "EcoTraineR" because it trains the driver without any previous experience to eco-drive while "on the job.”
Because of my invention, any driver can harness the forces of Inertia and save 20% to 50% fuel, decreasing the CO2 emission proportionally. The green light indicates the vehicle can move by Inertia, and the red light indicates the vehicle needs its engine to continue to move.
President Donald J. Trump has withdrawn America from the 2015 Paris’ Climate Accord to protect the American workers and American businesses from unnecessary regulatory burdens and, inspired by the precept of President John F. Kennedy who said: “Don’t ask what America can do for you; ask what you can do for
President Donald Trump wrote: "Thank you for sharing your views, I am confident that if we act together we can preserve America's natural blessings for future generations".
NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg concluded that "If all Americans would be eco-driving, it would be equal to traveling billions of miles on our roads with zero emission” reducing the unbalanced equilibrium between human CO2 emission and nature's CO2 reduction.

I respectfully ask that the 113th US Congress introduce a bill giving the American drivers a tax-credit when they equip their vehicle with the EcoTraineR or similar to reduce the MPG by up to 50%. Prior to the EcoTraineR, the car manufacturers displayed the pressure in the vacuum line and the drivers had to guess the vehicle’s Inertia. For the very first time since the dark ages, drivers are able to "see" the inertia as it happens and driving in City or Highway.

I also respectfully ask the US Congress to allocate me a GRANT to continue to improve my invention.

Finally, I will ship you a complementary EcoTraineR if you request to try it personally with your own car for 15 days at no charge.

Thank you, for visiting my website, where you will find the answer to most of your questions. I hope that you will help me with the opportunity to act together to preserve America's natural blessings for future generations.

Thomas Delor CEO
Green Technology Innovations Inc.
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