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Mothernode CRM Launches New Partner Program

Partners will gain access to cutting-edge technology that will help their customers improve—and ultimately grow—their businesses.”
— Ken Pearson
IRVING, TEXAS, USA, December 27, 2017 / -- "It’s tough for small business owners to manage their relationship with their customers when they’re trying to grow their business", says Mothernode CRM Co-founder Ken Pearson. That’s why the customer relationship management (CRM) firm has launched a new partner program to share growth opportunities that help small businesses grow through better relationships with customers, improved processes, and increases in sales.

Growth, points out Pearson, is directly related to how well a business takes care of its customers. Many small businesses, says Pearson, face so many challenges in their work itself that they have little time to foster better relationships with their customers. With this new program, Motherlode CRM will help partners capture more of the market share in North America, Europe, and Australia through a more vibrant relationship with their small business clients.

“What would you do with more revenue?” Pearson asks potential partners. Businesses who help other businesses succeed through digital marketing campaigns, growing their customer base and increasing lead conversions can grow their own businesses while helping others grow. “Mutual success that overcomes stagnation—now that’s something to shout from the rooftops,” says Pearson.

The reason? "Partners will gain access to cutting-edge technology that will help their customers improve—and ultimately grow—their businesses", he says. It’s sustainable—primarily because it zeroes in on the number one growth indicator for small businesses—their relationship with their customers. That, in turn, will drive revenue for the partners, as long as their clients maintain their Mothernode subscription. In fact, says Pearson, partners can even grow their commission percentage when they refer more of their clients to Mothernode’s customer relationship-building software.

Partners can also expand their business by helping their clients build a stronger sales process, create a marketing program, or organize an existing marketing program, all of which revolve around the all-important relationship their clients have with their own customers. In fact, partners who achieve the Master Partner level can offer a suite of high-level services such as implementations, training, and developing more effective email marketing campaigns. "Even accounting firms that work with small businesses", Pearson says, "will benefit from the partnership program". They, too, can steer their own customers to make more efficient use of their funds with the effective business development and customer management solutions Mothernode offers.

Partners will also get an exclusive discount on Mothernode’s CRM Sales and Marketing Edition for their own businesses and a huge list of perks, including automated sales and marketing, leads, a powerful email program, Lead Hunter, a powerful lead generator that allows customers to generate their own leads using maps technology, and more. As Pearson puts it, “Lead Hunter makes reaching out to prospective buyers a breeze.” They’ll also get a personalized link that allows new customers to sign up for a Mothernode CRM account. Partners can use the link to encourage their clients to sign up for an account in a variety of ways—on their blog posts, on their landing page, on their website, or as a call to action in their digital marketing campaigns. Partners can use the link as often as they’d like.

When new Motherlode CRM customers sign up using the company’s personalized link, they’ll receive a 30-day free trial. Once they convert to a paid customer, the company who referred them will begin receiving commissions. “It’s that easy,” Pearson said.

Mothernode CRM ( enables small- and medium-sized businesses to manage both their customers and their sales processes more efficiently. The company provides powerful software and applications that nurture customer relationships, increase customer and lead engagement, and drive sales. For more information visit the company’s Partner Program website (

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