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Kathy Johnson’s 5 New Year’s Skincare Resolution Tips

Skincare expert and entrepreneurial Mom of seven, Kathy Sanders founded She offers hand-made natural goat milk soaps skin types, and are especially sensitive and dry skin and conditions such as eczema or acne. offers 72 goat milk soap choices made with goat milk rich in nutrients that help protect, nurture and moisturize skin with natural glycerin, vitamin A and selenium.

Skincare expert Kathy Johnson of offers 5 easy tips for better skin & shares “Requisite Resolution” that helped her skincare business blossom’s toxin-free natural soaps contain nutrient-rich fresh goat milk that protects skin with vitamin A, selenium and more.”
— Kathy Johnson of

CORBETT, OR, -, December 22, 2017 / -- New Year’s Resolutions are usually about less weight and more exercise, but rarely about the body’s biggest organ: skin. Kathy Johnson, who turned her hobby into a national natural goat milk soap skincare firm,, offers easy to follow and continue common sense skincare resolutions for great results.

A Mother of 7 homeschooled children ages 7 to 27, Kathy noted, “My ‘Requisite Resolution’ is that goat milk soaps I make for my customers be the same quality as soaps I make for my daughter, 6 sons, husband and me.”

Kathy said, “My 2018 Skincare Resolution Tips will improve skin and maybe your disposition too.” They are:
1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated, but take shorter showers as water dries skin.
2. Avoid toxins in antibacterial liquid soaps the FDA warned about, and skip chemical-laden store brands.
3. Nurture skin with Farm Maid natural soaps as wintry humidity drains moisture & summery sun hurts skin
4. Sleep 8 hours, treat yourself and try to relax to lessen stress.
5. Eat meals with proper balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat along with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Kathy said, “Farm Maid Soap bars contain the lustrous glycerin other soaps companies remove to sell at high prices. Pampering skin is less about if you can afford good soap and more about if can understand what good soap is and that economically priced natural soap is plainly better for your skin then popular store brand bars.”

“On our farm in Oregon, we make 72 goat milk soap bar choices for all skin types from average to dry or for conditions such as acne, eczema or psoriasis. Made for everyday use our soaps also create a spa-like pampering bathing experience,” said Kathy, who refers to herself as the “Farm Maid” of

Interviewed on shows as NBC’s “Portland Today” in Oregon and iHeart Radio’s “Tom Rotin Morning Show” in West Virginia, Kathy said, “Naturally-nourishing, lustrously-long-lasting and family-fairly-priced,’s toxin-free natural soaps contain nutrient-rich fresh goat milk that protects skin with vitamin A, selenium and more, including skin refreshing alpha hydroxyls. Also, I use sustainably-sourced coconut and palm oils blended with skin-soothing non-GMO soy, essential oils and other skin loving ingredients.”

The entrepreneurial Mom of 7 is helped in business by husband Jay and her kids in age-appropriate ways on their Corbett, Oregon farm, which you can effectively visit online at, which offers America’s widest array of 72 goat milk soaps at affordable prices for all skin types and preferences. Other of her products include Acne Skin-So-Clear goat milk soap, toner, treatment and lotion, Arnica Muscle Rub, goat’s milk lotion, soy candles and more, all online at and Facebook. Media Contact: Brian Dobson,,

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