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EzClipse®: The Recessed-lighting Revolution


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EzClipse®: The Recessed-lighting Revolution

Kory Keogan, President & inventor of EzClipse®, invented the original prototype while frustrated with glare caused by a recessed lighting fixture in his room. This crude model; created with fishing line, magnets, and a mirror, eventually evolved into the EzClipse® product line we know today—A recessed lighting attachment that adds affordable style to your drabby and dull recessed lighting fixtures.

A far cry from the original prototype, EzClipse® recessed lighting attachments utilize Rare-Earth Magnets, which provide an incredibly strong hold to the recessed lighting trim, the magnets also have a superior lifespan, taking hundreds of years for their magnetism to fade.

These magnets make EzClipse® incredibly easy to install on your recessed lighting (a.k.a., can lights, pot lights, downlights), and requires no tools, or expert help. To install your EzClipse®, simply attach them into place on the trim of your existing recessed lighting, and the rare earth magnets handle the rest. Furthermore, the product utilizes heat-resistant silicone, which is easy to wipe clean, and will not melt when installed near your light bulbs.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, EzClipse® aims to become the top industry leader in interior decor for recessed lighting. EzClipse® has multiple product styles and designs, to suit any stylistic taste, or ‘look’. What was once a late-night idea to solve light glare, has grown and flourished into EzClipse®; A rapidly expanding company and first-mover in the recessed lighting space.

Making their first appearance on QVC, Q1, 2018, there is no doubt that EzClipse® will change the face of recessed lighting and intelligent interior décor, as we know it.

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