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DANU5IK Releases New Single 'Imagine'

Up and coming artist Danu5ik draws comparasions to Avicii and Daft Punk for his dynamic beats and mesmerising vocals, Danu5ik’s new single, ‘Imagine’ out now.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, December 5, 2017 / -- Danu5ik, real name Daniel Lee, begins his creative process by listening to a wide-range of music – from Miles Davis to Michael Jackson; Tiesto to Tupac. Thus inspired he develops his trackes which are then sent to Abbey Road Studios for final revisions and mastering. Nature and sounds of the world around him are also deeply inspirational, with ‘Imagine’ coming to him while he watched the sun rise in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Danu5ik performs at venues around the world, gaining new fans with every show. He’s known for his infectious, down-to-earth personality, and his connection with the audience, making him a popular entertainer.

Imagine is an up-tempo track with Danu5ik’s vocals weaving in and out of the powerful instrumentation. The track drops to a soft drumbeat about halfway through, with Danu5ik’s vocals also softening. Suddenly it’s all back fast and furious, with added sci-fi and electronic synth elements.

Danu5ik’s anticipated US Music Tour in 2018 will feature tracks the artist has conceived whilst travelling the world. Such locations include Los Angeles, Alberta, London, Dublin, and Vilnuis. His dream is for one today to perform in front of packed houses around the globe, such as London’s O2 and venues in New York City and Los Angeles. With his US tour next year, it’s hoped this dream is not far from becoming reality.

‘Imagine’ is available to download from iTunes with his Vevo video

You can find out more about Danu5ik online on his official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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