Path of Exile: War For The Atlas Expansion Set to Launch on December 8th

Path of Exile: War For The Atlas Expansion

An ancient entity is set to challenge the Shaper's control in the War of the Atlas on December 8th!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2017 / -- Path of Exile, the popular ARPG from Grinding Gear Games, will be bringing a brand new expansion in the form of War of the Atlas on December 8th. This brings a brand new story in which an ancient entity is known as The Elder, who is looking to take control of the Atlas of Worlds from The Shaper.

War of the Atlas brings a wealth of new content to Path of Exile, including:

32 Additional Maps

Exiles will traverse new ravaged lands across 32 new maps, where new paths and challenges will be discovered as Path of Exile continues to grow and evolve.

Elder and Shaped Items

To take the fight across the several new maps in the fight for either Elder or Shaper control, players will stumble upon rare items which can be used for crafting powerful properties never before seen.

New Gems and Unique Items

The upcoming expansion also brings with it 10 new Gems, ranging from Skill Gems and new Supports. The Skill Gems are predominantly focused around necromancy, whilst the six Supports are made to augment a number of different skills in all new ways. As for Unique Items, players can expect to find 50+ new Unique Items in War for the Atlas, with many being designed by the game's community.

Supporter Packs

A new set of Supporter Packs are also going to be launched, feature the four exclusive armour sets donned by the Elder Guardians, joined by new weapon effects, portrait frames, t-shirts, forum titles, portals and microfibre cloth maps showcasing the new Atlas.

The Abyss Challenge League

December 8th also marks the release of the Abyss Challenge League, which will release on this date on PC, shortly followed by the launch on Xbox One. This will see Exiles fighting against foes of the underworld in a journey across Wraeclast. Get your hands on new Abyss Jewels, utilize the customization options for your character and items and much more.

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