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BoldTypeNews increases news coverage by a factor of ten


New technology increases news coverage and improves accuracy

NEW YORK, NY, USA, December 4, 2017 / -- Bold Type News, Inc., a people centered news service, today announced that it has developed new technology that increases news coverage and improves accuracy.

By running its people centric news search algorithms on Cassandra, a massively scalable, open source NoSQL database, Spark, a big data analytics program, and Amazon Web Services, BoldTypeNews is able to read over 150,000 feeds in a cycle, up ten times from 15,000 with the old technology. BoldTypeNews filters through millions of news articles and government filings a year to find information that helps its customers succeed.

To improve the accuracy of its people and news matching algorithms, BoldTypeNews will incorporate two new internal processes. The first enhancement uses natural language processing and the Cassandra NoSQL database to store a terabyte or more of data in order to match customer contacts with people in the news.

The second enhancement adds a database of close to 100 million names to help the system identify the correct person.

“With Cassandra, Spark and Amazon Web Services, we can now instantly scale to handle increasing news flow,” said Valentin Pavlov, CTO and Lead Guitarist. “The enhanced algorithms will find more relevant articles for our customers,” added Christopher C. Hansen, President of Bold Type News. The new systems will be fully implemented by January, 2018.

BoldTypeNews has separately announced an unlimited use annual subscription for $199. The subscription is available to customers who sign up before December 31, 2017.

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BoldTypeNews is news about people you know. BoldTypeNews finds news about your business relationships and network of friends in thousands of newspapers and SEC filings to create a daily, personalized news feed of information that is useful to you. BoldTypeNews is used by institutions that rely on timely news about their constituents and individuals who want to be informed about their network.

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