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Medical Doctor Learns Reiki

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Dr. Maria Danilychev, MD Board Certified Medical Doctor and Jikiden Reiki Shihan

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Medical Doctor in San Diego, CA was so impressed with the effectiveness of Reiki that she learned it. Dr. Danilychev, MD now practices both medicine and Reiki.

Although currently published research on the effectiveness of Reiki is inadequate, I have over a decade of observational evidence, and have no doubt that Reiki works.”
— Dr. Maria Danilychev, MD
SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES , November 22, 2017 / -- Even ten years ago, Reiki and Medicine would have been an unlikely combination, but this is changing with pioneers like Dr. Maria Danilychev, M.D., a medical doctor and a Reiki practitioner and teacher.

Reiki is a holistic healing art from Japan, which uses light touch over different areas of the person's body. It is gentle, yet it can be very effective on many levels. People, who have experienced Reiki, often call it "amazing!" The way Reiki works is often described as maximizing the natural self-healing potential through restoring the flow of 'Ki' (the life force energy). While perhaps an odd concept for some, it is also a familiar idea for many people.

Although there are many Reiki practitioners in San Diego, California, Dr. Maria Danilychev definitely stands out from the crowd, being the only medical doctor in the county who practices both medicine and Reiki. With Dr. Danilychev, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Having the knowledge of medical science and Reiki allows Dr. Danilychev to bridge the gap between Western medicine and holistic healing. Dr. Danilychev can completely understand your medical needs, while helping you on a mind-body-and-spirit level. Dr. Danilychev's unique ability of combining Western medicine knowledge and the holistic healing art of Reiki has given her popularity that goes beyond San Diego. People come from other states and even from other countries for Reiki sessions and Reiki training with Dr. Danilychev.

Dr. Danilychev, has an interesting background and extensive medical training. She received her medical degree from Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, and completed her Internal Medicine residency training at NYU Downtown Hospital in New York City. Following her residency training, Dr. Danilychev learned Geriatric Medicine at UCLA, and later completed several years of clinical and research fellowships in Hospice and Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice and the Institute for Palliative Medicine in San Diego, California. Dr. Danilychev is board certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, and as a Hospice Medical Director. It is through her hospice work, that Dr. Danilychev was first introduced to Reiki.

"As most Western medicine physicians, I was skeptical at first," says Dr. Danilychev, referring to many complementary therapeutic modalities often used to help support patients at the end of life. "There is some research data that supports the use of acupuncture, for example, but research on the effectiveness of Reiki, Healing Touch, and many other complementary therapies, is simply inadequate. We [doctors] are trained to make evidence-based decisions, and when scientific data points to Reiki being 'neither helpful, nor harmful', we can certainly allow our patients to enjoy it, but with no expectation of any therapeutic benefit other than the placebo effect. It is only through years of observational experience of some of these holistic approaches, that one begins to wonder, whether there may be something to them. After about a decade of watching Reiki and other complementary therapeutic modalities in action, I became so curious, that I set my mind to learning one of them. That's how in 2013, I decided to learn Reiki," recalls Dr. Danilychev.

After extensive research into different styles of Reiki (and there are many), Dr. Danilychev discovered Jikiden Reiki, which is the most authentic form of this healing art, preserved in Japan in its original tradition. The practice of Reiki has become diluted and mixed with other concepts over time, and today, very few practitioners know the lost art of the original Reiki techniques, which are currently carefully maintained by the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan.

Dr. Danilychev shares that learning Reiki did not come easy to her at first. "Reiki is a very simple healing art, and it only takes a few days to learn, but I was constantly battling with my own skepticism," remembers Dr. Danilychev. "It is just so different from anything I've ever learned before, and at first, it was simply hard for me to believe that placing hands on various areas of someone's body could result in any 'healing'. Medically, it should be impossible. The reality, however, has proven me wrong. I've been practicing Jikiden Reiki for several years now, and although I do not have a medical explanation for how Reiki works, I often see significant improvements in a wide range of symptoms that go beyond the placebo effect, and which cannot be explained by anything other than the use of Reiki."

While being passionate about Reiki, Dr. Danilychev also emphasizes the importance Western medicine. "Reiki and other holistic approaches can be great, but this does not mean that we should skip Western medicine altogether. Ultimately, Western medicine is based on what has been proven to work, and it is constantly evolving, always based on scientifically proven facts. I strongly believe that we can easily combine Western medicine and alternative medicine approaches. Why should it be one or the other? Why can't it be both? Why can't we utilize what works, and use different modalities to help our patients feel their best, and help them get better whenever that's possible?" says Dr. Danilychev.

"Some people believe that Western medicine doctors are only after their money. Many people dislike the fact that Western medicine physicians are too busy and don't offer natural remedies. Others think that holistic practitioners are 'quacks' and would not even consider giving them a chance," states Dr. Danilychev, "but there must be a middle ground there somewhere. Most doctors have chosen their profession to help people, and believe that it is their primary duty. Many healers have a special gift, and they are also there to help. There may be a few 'bad apples' out there, both in the world of medicine and among the holistic practitioners, but that does not mean we have to turn away from either one or from both."

With doctor-pioneers like Dr. Maria Danilychev leading the way, we can learn to embrace Western and alternative medicine for whole person healing and well-being.

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