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Marijuana Legalization Advocates Reconstitute Marijuana Reform Party of NY

Advocates for right to possess, cultivate & use cannabis in NY say they will reconstitute Marijuana Reform Party if Prop 1, call for ConCon, fails this Nov 7.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2017 / -- Restrict & Regulate in NY State 2019 (RRNY), a pro-cannabis, 9B ballot issue political action committee, registered with the New York State Board of Elections, dedicated to holding a New York State Constitutional Convention, announced today that, in the face of overwhelming opposition from organized labor to a constitutional convention, it has entered into discussions with the former leaders of the Marijuana Reform Party (MRP) of NY to reconstitute the MRP and field a full slate of candidates in the NY State 2018 election.

“We believe a constitutional convention is the best way to examine our state's policy on the social, medical, and agricultural use of cannabis. It is the only way we can look at it from a broad policy perspective, disassociated from the special interests of private prisons, big pharma, and big alcohol. Dealing with it at the legislative level will always leave the most difficult problems unsolved.” said Jerome W. Dewald, RRNY's Executive Director. “But if our allies in organized labor succeed in blocking us from having a constitutional convention, we believe the time is right to reconstitute the MRP and challenge the established political parties in 2018.”

The MRP qualified for the statewide ballot in both 1998 and 2002, running candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor as well as candidates for numerous New York City offices. Its gubernatorial candidate, Thomas C. Leighton, participated in a national-televised 2002 debate, aired on C-Span, featuring gubernatorial candidates from all the major parties in New York. This debate can be found on RRNY's YouTube channel, Cannabis4NY. The New York Board of Elections was forced to recognize the MRP in 2004 by a federal appeals court which ordered that voters be allowed to enroll in it and that lists of voters enrolled in it be made available.

RRNY supports a fully-regulated, fully-tested adult-use cannabis market, a robust medical marijuana program and industrial hemp as a commodity crop. The Committee also supports the introduction into the state constitution a voter-initiated ballot measure process. The Marijuana Reform Party advocated a robust medical marijuana program, industrial hemp to revitalize rural communities in NY and reform of the justice system. These positions are virtually identical to the ones held today at RRNY.

“New Yorkers pride themselves on being world leaders in their progressive solutions to social issues. We are the fourth largest state in the US but our lessor neighbors, like Massachusetts and New Jersey, are leaving us in the dust on the cannabis issue”, said Bob Kuchinov, Acting Treasurer of RRNY.

Kuchinov goes on to say, “The Marijuana Reform Party is an example of the kind of progressive thinking that makes New York the iconic place that it is. The MRP was 15 years ahead of its time. Today is the right time for the MRP to challenge, once again, the outdated thinking of our leadership in Albany and NYC.”

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