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Re-branding A Tire Shop | Why Rebrand A Tire Shop?

if you don't rank well for Auto Repair, and other Auto Repair services your tire shop performs, there is a good chance you're ready to re-brand your tire shop.

WICHITA, KANSAS, UNITED STATES, October 9, 2017 / -- It is easy to win in the tire industry, if you have great mechanics and tire technicians. But, just as easy as it is to win, it’s easy to miss out and leave part of the potential service on the table.

Typically, when a tire customer comes in to the shop, they are needing new tires, repaired tires, re-alignment, balancing, etc. When you have trained mechanics that can notice other vehicle adjustments, you will really be increasing your average ticket.

Tire & Auto Repair Shop

It takes trained mechanics to do the various auto repair jobs that come into your garage. With a trained mechanic, typically comes the ability for you to open your shop to additional services from quick projects like fuel injectors all the way to lift kits, driveline repair, and light engine repair.

Automotive Knowledge Is A Customer Barrier

A typical client does not fully understand the difference between heavy engine repair and light engine repair, so re-branding a tire shop from Tire Shop to Tire & Auto Repair really sends home the message that your location has mechanics that can fix other car problems besides tires.

Without that branding, you will solely be relying on your front room sales people to do the work of educating the clients of all the services you provide.

With an online re-branding, you can shift the mindset for your shop, so that when that moment comes, and the client needs auto repair services, you are the one they think of first, for those services.

But Won’t We Flood The Phone Lines With Large Engine Repair Projects?

Not like you think. Besides, wouldn’t you want the client calling versus assuming you do not perform a service that you actually do?

Let your sales people be the ones that recommend a deep engine repair mechanic and you will gain even more trust. Do not let the auto repair shops beat you up on the search engines, get those auto repair projects back into your shop. The answer can be as simple as a re-branding.

How Do I check To See If I need To Re-brand My Tire Shop?

If you are on page 3 to 40 on Google, there is a good change you need to re-brand. Just open a web browser like Mozilla, click the three horizontal slats in the top right corner and choose new private window. Then go back to the search engine you want to check your positioning in. -We always check Google- Type in the search terms you want to be found for, say, Auto Repair Near Me, and hit search. Go back as far as needed, in order to find your business. If you are not on the first page then you are not getting good traffic for this search term. It is likely the search engine does not view you as a vendor for those services. You will need to actively fix that.

You Cannot Live on Marketing Alone

We have tried for years to live on straight marketing alone. Because buyer trends are changing from Push to Pull, your business has to be ultra-optimized for the specific searches you want to rank for. The bigger the city you live in, the greater the external pressure from incoming franchises. These franchises all get what we are preaching about optimization. Optimize your shop for Tire & Auto Repair Shop and you will be ahead of the curve...for a few days at-least.

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