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Blogger Ahyanah Mincy uses Platform to show Women in Business

College student and OnMogul Blogger uses her verified platform to promote women in business.

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2017 / -- Ahyanah Mincy is a college student from Saint Peter’s University who is using her OnMogul platform to show women in business and entrepreneurship MATTER!! To often than not the mainstream media does not show women leading in business, finance or entrepreneurship. On TV shows, movies and news articles one will often see men at the head of the table in business meetings, men play the role as executives, men play the president and founders. Women are often just the assistants and secretaries of men. Women are represented in the business world as the backup plans and are only called when needed. The truth is women are leaders and innovators in both business and entrepreneurship. Mainstream media has painted women as merely assistance to men instead of showing their true roles of leadership that they play.

The fact is business women have been making big strides in leadership and entrepreneurship. According to the National Women’s Business Council the number of small businesses owned by women rose 26.8% from 2007 to 2012. Also the highest percentage growth of women-owned businesses is in Louisiana 46.9% and Mississippi 46.5% according to the NWBC. Black women are especially booming in entrepreneurship. According to the NWBC survey of 2012 from 2007 to 2012 small businesses owned by black women went a staggering 67.5%. In that same time Hispanic women owning businesses went up by a jaw dropping 87.5% in that same time period. With all the growth of women and minority women in the field, one would think the mainstream media would focus more on promoting and encouraging them. It’s 2017!! Women in business are no longer just the secretaries and the assistance but they are leaders and need to be shown as such. One blogger is taking things into her own hands.

Mogul writer Ahyanah Mincy is a regular college student and intern, however in her free time she likes to demonstrate how women are making waves in entrepreneurship. Mogul is a website designed for women by women to spread information and opinion. A user can create blog post, ask questions to female leaders, sell merchandise and even find jobs. In fact Forbes has called Mogul the Linkedin for women. This female sanctuary gets over 18 million views a week and has millions of users and only 5,000 verified user according to the Mogul website. Being verified on OnMogul is a privilege and honor being that less than 5% of it’s users are verified. The pretty blue checkmark is only reserved for celebrities, powerful executives and CEOs and industry leaders. However Ahyanah’s blogs showcasing women in business are so influential that OnMogul verified her account.

This impressive 21 year old is determined to use her verified blogging platform to show how women lead in business and entrepreneurship. She wrote several articles promoting black women who are leaders in business. Many of her articles ask successful entrepreneurs to give advice to young aspiring ones. Ahyanah says she will continue to use her blog to share women in business and will be focusing on mom entrepreneurs soon. Her blog is if you are interested in being empowered by women I dare you to give it a read.

Ahyanah Mincy
Ahyanah Mincy
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