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Restaurant franchisors and restaurant operators have a powerful tool to run operations with Recipe Costing Software.

Integrating point of sale solutions gives operators the business intelligence tools they need to improve and streamline operations.

We've been able to have our start-up food company grow thanks to Recipe Costing. Had we not been able to figure out our profit margins we would've been leaving thousands of dollars on the table.”
— Rick Herbst, Co-Owner/COO

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, October 1, 2017 / -- Recipe Costing Software cloud-based platform, today announces four integrations to help streamline restaurant operations for the single unit restaurant operator or the restaurant franchisor requiring to manage multiple franchisees and locations from a centralized portal. Integrating with CirrusPOS, Square, EPOS NOW and Kounta streamlines labor costs, restaurant inventory, product mix, recipe and menu costing.

The Recipe Costing platform makes it easy to automate many of the back office day-to-day operations that require many labor hours and may lead to erroneous data entry. Our advanced recipe, menu costing and inventory integrates directly with a restaurant’s point of sale system allowing restaurant operators to track inventory as items are sold. This integration saves time and money for the operator while reducing waste and theft.

Restaurant franchisor benefits multiply as new franchisees are onboarded to the Recipe Costing platform. “As a former franchisee, I understand the feeling there is no support or having buyer’s remorse a few months into owning a restaurant franchise. Most of the time, these feelings are not correct it’s more of a misunderstanding.

Recipe Costing helps the restaurant franchisor manage and onboard each franchisee while building a positive relationship. With integrated point of sales, franchisors can monitor sales on multiple levels. The franchisor can look at total sales for the entire network, on a franchisee level or a master franchisee with multiple locations.

Our software alerts the franchisor when a franchisee’s costs are too high, they don’t meet the prime costs percentage or labor is out of control. Franchisees would be impressed to receive a call from their franchisor the same day the franchisee ran into a costing issue. Franchisors can view food usage on all items allowing the franchisor to get better purchasing deals for their entire network or franchisee,” said Robert Vasquez.

Using the Recipe Costing platform builds transparency and allows the franchisor and restaurant operator to make adjustments on a daily basis as opposed to reacting at the end of the month with outdated data that may not make sense the following month. Integrating these five point of sale solutions gives operators the business intelligence tools they need to improve and streamline operations, increase revenues and reduce costs. Making operators competitive allowing them to focus on their customers and marketing efforts.

About software is a product of Kitchen Porter Tech LLC. Robert Vasquez worked in the restaurant business for over a decade while attending college. After graduating from NOVA Southeastern University, he worked as a financial controller and software developer before owning and operating his own restaurants. His education and work experience have given him a unique insight to building automated systems that work! The Recipe-Costing software platform provides restaurant operators automated back office tasks providing counts, costs, and analytical reports. Join over 3,500 restaurant operators across 100 countries. For more information visit

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