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PNNL researcher receives ACS awards

A researcher at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and her colleague at ecosVS have been recognized with two ChemLuminary awards from the American Chemical Society.

PNNL's Janet Bryant and ecosVC's Judy Giordan were recognized at a ceremony at the ACS National Meeting in Washington, DC in August. The theme of the event was "Our Volunteers and Their Monumental Impact."

The awards they received were given for efforts as part of ACS president Allison Campbell's Innovation Initiative. The first award was for their work within the society's Division of Professional Relations to host a series of three "Women in Chemistry Innovation" technical symposia at three consecutive national meetings. The three sessions included outstanding women chemists in business and commerce, science and technology, and science policy and government.

The second award honored their work with the Division of Small Chemical Businesses to lead technical programming, exhibition booths and networking events at four ACS regional meetings in 2016. The events focused on the global impact of entrepreneurship in the field of chemistry.

The full list of the 2017 ACS ChemLuminary Awards can be viewed at ACS' website.

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