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Real-Time Circuit-Level Energy Data Meets Big Data Processing Power In Wattwatchers-Future Grid Technology Collaboration

Wattwatchers - ultra-compact 3G devices for energy data over-the-internet

Gavin Dietz, Managing Director, Wattwatchers

Chris Law, Future Grid Co-Founder and Managing Director

Future Grid and Wattwatchers launch joint project to bring pinpoint data analytics and visibility to electricity grids where little currently exists.

The combination of Wattwatchers and Future Grid is a perfect match for energy retailers and distributors alike.”
— Chris Law, Future Grid Co-Founder and Managing Director
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, September 28, 2017 / -- How do electricity grid operators get accurate, reliable and real-time visibility of over 1.7 million rooftop solar arrays operating across Australia?

What about home energy storage systems and electric-vehicle charging points as they start to grow in numbers? Or the millions of already-installed power-hungry appliances such as air-conditioning units and pool pumps that operate behind utility billing meters?

These questions underline one of the great contemporary challenges for the energy industry and its regulators, as they grapple with: soaring electricity prices, the threat of heat-wave driven summer supply crises, the rise of new distributed energy technologies, and growing requirements for demand response solutions.

The lack of timely data from an increasingly decentralised and unregulated electricity system was highlighted in the landmark Finkel Review into Australia’s energy future. But the solutions are far from clear to the industry and energy officialdom.

Technology startups Future Grid and Wattwatchers have launched a joint project to bring pinpoint data analytics and visibility to electricity grids where little currently exists.

Wattwatchers is primarily a hardware company that makes devices to monitor and control electrical circuits in real-time over the internet, operating independently of the utility-controlled meters used to bill customers and manage energy markets. One Wattwatchers device can monitor up to six electrical circuits in a home or small business, including whole-of-site consumption and any imports from or exports to the main electricity grid.

Future Grid, a software company that transform billions of data points into real-time decisions, will convert the vast amounts of granular energy data from Wattwatchers energy trackers. Future Grid will then use real-time machine learning to augment and automate decisions based on this data, for example showing grid operators the real-time status and impact of unlimited numbers of homes and their rooftop solar systems, storage batteries, air-conditioners, pool pumps and other circuit-level actors on the energy stage.

Chris Law, Future Grid’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, said that working with Wattwatchers was a natural software-meets-hardware partnership for his company as the ‘Internet of Energy’ started to move from an idea to an operating reality.

‘The combination of Wattwatchers and Future Grid is a perfect match for energy retailers and distributors alike. As the sector transitions towards a decentralised model the ability to deliver high-quality, decision-ready data - at massive scale - will be a foundational component of the way electricity will be managed in this country,’ Law said.
Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz said that Wattwatchers devices have the potential to capture and rapidly communicate enormous amounts of highly-granular energy data down to the level of individual circuits within thousands or even millions of homes.

‘Making sense of all that data at a grid-wide scale needs the kind of processing power that the Future Grid Platform has already developed and proven since they launched two years ago,’ said Dietz. ‘We’re delighted to have this opportunity to work with the Future Grid team.’

Wattwatchers and Future Grid have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to guide their collaboration and have already begun work on proof-of-concept demonstrations of their combined approach to ‘Internet of Energy’ solutions.

About Future Grid – Future Grid is a software company that helps enterprise scale IoT data. It's flagship software is the Future Grid Platform, which is shaping the future of the data processing through real-time predictive analytics and visualisation. The Future Grid Platform empowers companies to automatically identify and prevent potential risks, and make accurate and economical business decisions. Its customers leverage the predictive insights of big data to acquire a forward-looking perspective. Future Grid is a finalist in the Australian Technologies Competition New Energy Award 2017 and also is included in Smart Company’s 2017 Tech23 Showcase. More information at

About Wattwatchers - Wattwatchers is an award-winning Australian cleantech focused on devices, data and communications to make behind-the-meter energy management ultra-smart, easy-to-install and cost-effective. A startup company based in Sydney, Wattwatchers develops and markets 'IoT for energy' hardware + firmware + software solutions to accurately monitor, analyse and control electrical circuits in real-time over the internet. Our mission is to empower people with data to help them save money, fast-track renewable technologies and reduce carbon pollution - while supporting electricity systems to operate more reliably and to integrate cleaner, more distributed energy resources into the grid. The internationally-certified Wattwatchers product suite is highly flexible, crossing over for residential, commercial and industrial, and utility use cases; and works with an expanding choice of cloud platforms, software applications and consumer interfaces. More information at:

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