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MNZO Gets New Ownership & Two New Acquisitions

The powerhouse company MNZO has recently announced some exciting news regarding the changes and improvements to the company in the last few months.

Manzo Pharmaceuticals INC (OTCMKTS:MNZO)

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS , UNITED STATES, September 21, 2017 / -- The powerhouse company MNZO has recently announced some exciting news regarding the changes and improvements to the company in the last few months. MNZO has been achieving important goals recently which puts them in a position to see a substantial amount of growth. The company recently acquired two successful companies in lucrative markets and created another management company which proved to be necessary due to their recent activities. When asked about immediate goals the President of MNZO, Robert Ritch (, revealed that the company is planning to focus a majority of their attention on the cultivation of their newly acquired companies but will still be pursuing other M&A opportunities.

The Acquisition of Simple Marketing Inc.
On September 5, 2017, MNZO acquired Simple Marketing Inc. The company has amassed a total exceeding $1 million in projected annual contracts. In regard to the acquisition of Simple Marketing Inc., it has become a collaboration between Robert Ritch and Robert Downey, the founder, and CEO of Simple Marketing. Since the acquisition, Robert Downey feels very positive about the transaction and stated that his company can greatly benefit from this merger. Robert Ritch stated that the hidden value of the company is in the intellectual property and processes.
The two have known each other for years and admire one another for their business savvy. They plan to combine their collective experience and expertise to create a company that is streamlined, and benefits its clients in a way that promotes success for all. To date, the collaboration has proved to be successful and is projected to see solid numbers in the immediate future. (

The Acquisition of WS Services LLC
The other acquisitions occurred on September 9, 2017, for WS Services LLC, which is a coating company focusing on the energy sector. This market is poised for tremendous growth over the next several years and puts MNZO in a very advantageous situation. The company has a healthy annual revenue in excess of $8.4 million and is only 10 years old. This company also has a history of solid performance and a strong management team which is projected to significantly increase with the recent acquisition by MNZO. (

The Creation of Manzo Management Services
MNZO also opened Manzo Management Services on September 5, 2017, and is designed to be the operations company within MNZO. Manzo Management Services will be managing the newly acquired companies which are the current primary goals for MNZO. Manzo Management Services provides administrative support as well as general support. (

Vision For The Future
Robert Ritch said that he plans on focusing on specific markets in the future and is directing attention toward areas such as energy, financial services, real estate, and technology, which are continuously growing fields with plenty of promise for a bright future.

Robert Ritch has always admired Warren Buffet. He tries to model much of his business technique and savvy in investing after his example. One particular move that mirrors this type of strategy involved purchasing the controlling share of Manzo Pharmaceuticals Inc. This proved to be a high point for his career and allowed him to prime the performance of the company to create the abundance of success it enjoys today.
One thing is certain, the leadership and expertise that MNZO has in these rapidly growing markets, and the strategies that Robert Rich and his team use to create successful businesses, the company has a bright future ahead.

Robert Ritch
Manzo Pharmaceuticals Inc DBA Manzo Management Services
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