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Solar Ship moving operations to Zambia

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 21, 2017 / -- Today, Solar Ship announced it is planning to move its winter operations from Brantford ON to Zambia.

Solar Ship’s partner Peace + Freedom Services Zambia has organized the infrastructure and local support for this move. Once agreements are finalized, the Solar Ship team will get ready to deploy to Zambia and continue its technology development, test and evaluation.

Peace + Freedom Services Zambia announced the agreement to develop five remote sites in Zambia with Solar Ship to provide smart, remote infrastructure as part of its mission to connect remote areas in Zambia with the global economy. To launch this project, Solar Ship will bring its hybrid aircraft, self-reliant hangars and aerostats to Zambia to set up an operating base.

Peace + Freedom’s Managing Director in Zambia, Mataka Nkhoma: “Solar Ship has been working with us to develop the model for smart, remote Zambia. The key to smart economies is the internet and while Zambia is one of Africa’s most stable countries, its rural and remote regions have some of the lowest internet penetration rates in the world, with some of the highest costs for data. Zambia has recently revised its regulatory policy to encourage investment in remote connectivity and this agreement with Solar Ship fits perfectly into the new policy framework. Solar Ship’s aerostat provides wireless internet at a cost 10 X cheaper than a cell tower. The move to Zambia is a big step toward connecting rural Zambia with the global economy. Much like Canada, Zambia is strong in mining, agriculture and tourism – all in need of remote smart infrastructure.”

Solar Ship’s CEO, Jay Godsall: “Zambians understand remote economies. The country is far more advanced than most people know. It is strategically positioned to connect the remote areas of Africa’s interior with global markets. Creating an operating base in Zambia allows us to demonstrate a 100% fossil fuel free platform for transport and communications. If subsidies for fossil fuels are removed, they cannot compete with our platform in remote areas. Oil is pathetic if you take away the subsidies. Working with Zambia to prove this will position Zambia as a world leader in making remote areas electric, electronic and smart.”

Solar Ship Inc. is the world leader in developing solar powered hybrid aircraft and aerostats. Its head office is in Toronto with operations in Brantford, Ontario, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia. Solar Ship develops hybrid aircraft and aerostats to service remote areas. The aircraft uses two forms of lift: buoyant lift like an airship, combined with aerodynamic lift like a bush plane. This creates the capacity to fly large loads into areas without infrastructure and it enables the aircraft to fly without the use of fossil fuels. Solar Ship’s aerostats are solar powered tethered balloons providing low cost, internet connectivity in remote areas.

Headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia, Peace + Freedom is a network of entrepreneurs operating in South Africa, Zambia, Uganda, Burundi, DRC, Kenya and Tanzania. They work with veteran peacekeepers to provide peace services to save lives and they work with entrepreneurs to provide freedom services – communications, transport, logistics and finance.

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