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Sade stars in Award Winning Amazon Movie titled The Secret Princess

Sade in The Secret Princess Animation

Sade in The Secret Princess Animated Movie

Princess Adaeze and Sade in The Secret Princess Animation

Princess Adaeze and Sade in The Secret Princess Movie

Sade and Nike in The Secret Princess Animated Movie

Sade and Nike in The Secret Princess Animation

Amazon introduces Princess Sade in Animated Movie titled The Secret Princess

Cinderella has a twin in Africa named Princess Sade”
— Segun Williams

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 18, 2017 / -- Braver than an ice princess, there is no second guessing who Princess Sade is.
Indeed Cinderella has a twin in Africa named Princess Sade.

Imagine a graphic novel with all black characters. Well, the first thing you needs to do is watch The Secret Princess, an animation movie which has already been released and now available for download at

With the success of the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which has raked in thousands of dollars from fans, and already with its dolls based on the animated characters from the movie having been a massive hit among the fans, creator Segun Williams the writer and director of The Secret Princess is confident that the movie would also receive rave reviews.

The Secret Princess is set to steal the spotlight with the all black animated characters and talking animals. The Film is created by TransTales Entertainment a British Animation studio Known for their popular android game title Zombie Walkers Attack.

The Secret Princess Trailer:

The Secret Princess is adapted from the book with the same title. The film is made in the 4k resolution which makes it one of the few animated movies with an IMAX standard. It is also in Blu-ray and High-Definition formats which are available to download directly from the studio's website -

Written and directed by Segun Williams it stars Desmond Elliot as King Adede and CuppyOtedola (daughter of Billionaire oil magnate) as Princess Sade.

The Secret Princess is a tale of a princess who goes through rejection and hence has to live her life out in the jungle while in her place a farmer's son lives a life of luxury as the prince. The story brings to the forefront many delicate topics in a subtle way. It also deals with the discriminatory treatment of female as compared to a male child. The Secret Princess is an entertaining and educative family movie now available on Amazon.


A prince falls in love with a mysterious girl, but he is unaware that she is a real princess whom her parents swapped with him at birth. A king desperately seeking for a male to heir the throne becomes wary of his crown. This makes the queen swap their girl child with the boy child of a poor farmer in secret. Sade the secret princess and her adopted mother are accused of being witches after the farmer disappears. Sade and Nike (the farmer’s wife) escape into the wild Jungle were they meet talking animals that help them survive.

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Sade is a girl who was switched as a baby to prevent her mother the queen from being sent away for not having a son. Set in traditional times where male children were considered more important than females, a king seeking an heir to his throne is obsessed with having a male child. Consequently his third wife (his two previous wives had six daughters between and were all sent away) switches her daughter with a poor farmers’ son in secret. The king unaware that the boy isn't his raises the child as Prince Akin who lives a life of prestige and luxury. While Sade the daughter who was switched to be with the farmer and his wife lives a life of a poor farmer’s daughter helping with the farm. When her father disappears and her mother is accused by the villagers of being a witch, both run off into the jungle for their lives. But they are not alone. Talking animals including the parrot who knew about the switch and spread the news, come together to help the mother and daughter who now live is a hut alone in the jungle hiding from those who might harm them. When Prince Akin finally meets Sade and they fall in love, the real challenge and adventure begins as they realize they will have to fight to be together.

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