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Art of Thinking solution to all problems says TED Speaker Dr Jawahar Surisetti

TED Talk by Dr Jawahar Surisetti

Speaking at the Smart Cities Summit 2017

Launches Socho India Socho for Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat

Think to win”
— Dr Jawahar Surisetti
BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, September 18, 2017 / -- Eminent Psychologist and Think Professor ,Dr Jawahar Surisetti during his TED Talk at TEDxRCET spoke about his new concept "The Art of Thinking" to the youth of India . He said that we should hand over a resurgent and better India to the generation next . Art of Thinking is the one solution that can take the youth forward.
In one of the most compelling lectures in his career spanning 1412 seminars and talks till date across the globe , Dr Jawahar Surisetti elaborated on the reasons why there is dwindling attendance in places of worship like mosques , temples and churches . Youth are asking the question on why they should go to these places and the parents have no logical answers . So is the case with educational institutions. If the answers to they why is not given, they would not blindly follow us . He said that every ritual , tradition or practice has to be put to scrutiny and like obsolete laws if there is no relevance in the current context , the youth will refuse to blindly follow it. This is where the Art of Thinking comes in . The list of successes across the world will tell you that marks in school or college are not the sole criteria for success . An advanced thought processing skill is the quality that every success story will reiterate.
He floated a slogan "Give me 5 minutes and I will give you freedom in thinking " for the youth . He said that we have to think before electing our leaders and not vote by age old beliefs like caste , religion , money and so on . We will have to think whether Blue Whale is good for us or not and not just follow the fad. We have to think what career suits us instead of cowing down to mob thinking and rush to coaching centres because of peer pressures or parental aspirations.
Dr Jawahar said we are on the cusp of a revolution , a revolution that could put India right on top of the world , but it will not happen automatically because of our youth population and its high percentage. Art of Thinking is one such thing that will differentiate us from the rest of the world. We can get rid of corruption or atleast reduce it , fight illiteracy , choose good leaders, enable gender equality , reduce environmental degradation and forge a youthful country . For that we will have to have an inheritance plan so that we may hand over an India that thinks like a world leader and not fight over petty issues . This inheritance or succession plan has to be drawn by political forward looking leaders , education leaders who could think openly , technology leaders who could be the world leaders and thought leaders who can bring freshness into the country. All these over a sustained period will help us hand over a resurgent India to our youth a decade from now.
His thoughts reverberated in the audience of youth . He urged all and sundry to join the movement ThinkFor India- Socho India Socho to help fulfil the vision of Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat.

Dr Jawahar Surisetti
Religion of youth
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