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Antiques School's Online e-Course Gets Even Better...

Updated e-Course Delivers

Asheford Institute's online e-Course for the study of antiques, collectibles and appraising, continues to impress with major Course updates and advancements.

We've had a chance to put the new e-Course through its paces over the last two years - from top-to-bottom - and honestly, we couldn't be more impressed.”
— - Dave Hammond (Decorative Arts Writers Guild)

DESTIN, FL, USA, September 13, 2017 / -- It's been almost three years now since the release of the Institute's new online format, and yet, this instantly recognizable home-study program from the folks at Asheford continues to impress with a host of recently updated features that keeps this Courseware tops in its class.

When this new iteration of the Institute's program was released to a few media outlets in beta-form back in 2014, we were lucky enough to get our hands on some gifted access-codes for a full test-run of the school's newly launched plugged-in version. It was Asheford's first foray into the world of online teaching, since the inception of the school and their textbook version in 1966.

Since that initial roll-out, we've had a chance to put the new e-Course through its paces over the last two years - from top-to-bottom - and honestly, we couldn't be more impressed. When we first started digging into the school's new online offering, one of the things we noticed immediately was how simple and easy it was to use - this hasn't changed one bit. In fact, it's gotten even better as the screen's left-handed content-menu is now on every page, making clicking between subjects and previous pages a breeze. The web-layout is a standard 3-column stance, which is the ideal format for online viewing - allowing for different, but related content to be viewed simultaneously when trying to connect various instructional ideas and themes.

One of the other things that we really liked about the Asheford program's design composition, was how intuitively they embedded related subject videos into topic headings - they were right where they needed to be, and didn't overwhelm the text or other content on the page - it was a seamless integration into the overall layout of the site's structure. Since that time, school developers have continued to add new Course related videos to content pages while managing to streamline the overall viewing process.

Another bonus we found (after over two years of pinging the e-Course from virtually every corner of the globe), was that we never once had a problem with down-time or accessing the study plans. The site was always up, and our entry-codes always worked. On top of that, no Course downloads were required since everything was in the clouds and online. This made accessing our study modules and completing Course assignments frustration-free (making Asheford somewhat of a pleasant anomaly in today's wired world of online classes).

One question that we initially did have though, when first reviewing the e-Course, was related to material updates. It was clear from the get-go that the curriculum was going to be intense and comprehensive in scope, but what about changing market conditions, or buying trends - how would issues such as these be addressed, or would they? However, to my own surprise (and that of a few other industry insiders who were also reviewing Asheford at the time), the updates began almost immediately - continuing to appear throughout the study modules right up to today. According to Shelly Duval, one the school's e-Course spokespeople, "Updates are absorbed directly into Course pages, or are added as Supplemental Information listings at the end of each Course subheading so that students are always aware of any relevant changes within the industry." All of which just goes to prove that a thoughtful and practical approach in a program's overall design layout, can pay big dividends when it comes to students receiving updated Course content down the road.

After reviewing the ins-and-outs of this program for a number of years, it's become patently clear that the new e-Course from Asheford has excelled in almost every aspect that the school likely intended. Three-years on, and it's not only become easier and more intuitive to use, but the actual content and layout has been tweaked for even greater performance from a product that was already outstanding to begin with. So, if you're truly considering a lifestyle or vocation change, involving an investment of time, money, and effort, then this is probably one Course that will actually get you where you need to go.

For readers seeking more information about the school's new e-Course click here: Asheford "e-Course." Or you can contact the Registrar's Office at: (877) 444-4508, or visit their web site at:

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