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4 Things You Need To Know While Buying A GPS Tracking Software

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, September 12, 2017 / -- A GPS tracker software is imperative the moment you plan to install a GPS tracker in your car or fleet. The main function of a GPS tracking software like GPSWOX is to report the data tracked by the tracker. Have you just got tracker for your vehicles? Well, then you should waste no time to look for a reliable tracking software. The post below offers a brief on the main points to keep in mind while buying a GPS tracking software

Get a comparative survey

Acording to the - "rising importance of GPS tracking has led to the mushroom growth of myriad tracking software companies, but not all are up to the mark". Thus, the primary thing here is to get a market survey on at least 4-5 potential tracker software companies before you make the final call. Check the company’s reputation, experience, customer base, and client testimonials. The one you choose should be a name of repute, trusted by a long list of happy clients. Your chosen one must be in business for more than 3 years. It’s great if the company is acknowledged by a global client base.

Compatibility with your tracker

This is one of the most important tips while looking for a reliable GPS tracking Software Company. If you have already bought your GPS tracker- make sure it is compatible with the chosen tracking software. If you haven’t, check whether the software company sell a GPS tracker or not. The best ones in the market generally have a designated section for GPS trackers in tandem with tracker software.

Powerful features

You must check out all the features of your chosen GPS tracker software before you seal the deal with the company.

Real-time tracking of location and more

Your chosen tracker software should be equipped to offer “real-time” tracked data of location of the car. Apart from location, the software should also be able to provide data on other important aspects of driving like- speed, petrol consumption, distance traveled, travel history and so on.

Geofencing capacity

Reliable GPS tracker software will enable its users to specify boundaries in certain geographical areas. This is called geofencing. The tracker program should be able to send you immediate alerts the moment your target person drives in and out of the specified zones.

Marking of POI

It’s great if your chosen GPS tracking software allows you to add Points of Interest on your specific driving route. These POIs could be hotel, club, restaurant, shopping malls, gas stations etc. This way, you will get alerts the moment your tracked car enters or exits from the designated zones.

Instant alerts

The GPS tracking software you are planning to take to should be able to send you instant alerts so that you can take the necessary action on time. For example, the best software programs will send you immediate notification via SMS if your tracked vehicle gets stolen.
Easily legible reports

Make sure your chosen GPS tracking software is able to offer you easily legible reports on every data tracked by the GPS tracker. The reports should be published by date to avoid confusion on the timing of the details. Moreover, the software should also be able to extend reports in a wide number of formats, including PDF, XLS, TXT & CSV.

Ability to track from phone

It’s a mobile world today where we mostly prefer to use our smartphones for browsing over our tablets or laptops. Thus, it would be better if the GPS tracking Software Company you are about to take to extends a mobile app. The app will help you to transform your everyday smartphone into a tracking device and keep check on your tracked vehicles.
Tech support round the clock

This is again of the most crucial tips to take care of while you are looking for a reliable GPS tracking software. A program might develop issues at the dead of night and such emergencies usually demand immediate attention. Thus, make sure that your chosen GPS tracking software company would be able to offer you 24/7 technical support by an efficient and dedicated team of tech experts.

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