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Ever you played a pinball like this? Invent4 presents Fat Rat Pinball

This new game developed by Invent4 features a unique premise as the main hook; it’s pinball but the “balls” are replaced with animals. |

PORTO ALEGRE, RS, BRAZIL, September 7, 2017 / -- Porto Alegre, Brazil, Septrember 7, 2017 – Something new is coming to the App Store. In what seems like an ocean filled with millions of apps, there’s truly something for everyone in the App Store. Rewinding back to the golden age of gaming, pinball was all the rage in arcades, and with over 800 pinball games on the App Store already, there’s no shortage of quality titles aiming to recapture those arcade memories. And then we have Fat Rat Pinball, which comes in and turns all classic pinball conventions upside-down.

From the creators of the critically acclaimed Bad Rats series comes Fat Rat Pinball; an unusual combination between animals and pinball. Breaking classic pinball tradition, you use the titular Fat Rat as the ball, as well as various other animals. You’ll have animals flying across the screen, bouncing on bumpers and flying off of flippers. Even pinball veterans will be thrown for a loop, as the animals’ body physics will affect gameplay, resulting in funny and unexpected situations.

Whether you’re a casual or hardcore pinball fanatic, Fat Rat Pinball delivers the goods. "We immediately knew the fun and potential this game had from the start", states Augusto Bulow, Invent4's CEO, "the realistic body physics are what sets it apart from traditional pinball. The gameplay is easy to grasp and it's fun for all ages".

This app features several pinball tables and characters that take the place of the ball. Fans of Bad Rats will especially be in for a treat when it comes to the character selection, with returning characters from Bad Rats as well as new characters unique to Fat Rat Pinball.

Skilled gameplay will reward you Rubies, which can be used to unlock new characters and pinball tables. Rubies can be obtained through performing well in-game, but can also be obtained by watching ads, or through in-app purchases.

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