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NEEVE RESEARCH RELEASES X PLATFORM™ 3.7 Ultra-Low Latency with Zero Data Loss

Includes Transactional Savepoints, and New Management Statistics for Ultra-Low Latency with Zero Data Loss


The X Platform™ 3.7 release includes over 50 new enhancements.
● The X Platform™ empowers rapid in-memory application development for building the fastest applications possible (without hardware assistance) to provide real-time capabilities.
● The X Platform™ enables developers to build fast, reliable, and scalable enterprise applications, but more importantly, easily maintain them in an agile manner.

Sunnyvale, Calif. - (BUSINESS WIRE) –NEEVE RESEARCH, the leading platform for building next-generation in- memory, ultra-low latency applications, announced today it released version 3.7 of the X Platform™. The release includes over thirty feature improvements. It also includes over fifteen new capabilities including transactional savepoints and additional statistics providing even deeper visibility into application performance. Transaction Savepoints allow applications to partially rollback processing of a message by setting savepoints in business logic. Rolling back to a savepoint:

• Restore application’s state to that at the savepoint
• Cancels any outbound message sent since the savepoint

This release can now report the wait time in nanoseconds that threads spent waiting to do work. Wait times are reported for threads waiting for events passed through a disruptor. Monitoring tools can use the wait time to determine the amount of time in a sampling interval a thread has done no productive work, which is a good indicator of its excess processing capacity. Examples of other new statistics available with the open source monitoring and management console include:

• Per thread CPU
− CPU usage
− Disruptor wait times
− CPU affinitization
• Per message type statistics
− Heartbeats can now include stats aggregated on a per message type basis making it easier for developers to narrow down bottlenecks in individual handlers
• Transaction statistics:
− Logging of stats for individual transactions to a binary log
− Transaction pipeline processing timestamps
− Individual message processing pipeline timestamps

While both free and open source based, the X Platform™ is unlike traditional transactional low latency platforms, not only from a performance perspective, but also in the way in which it transparently handles all the middleware plumbing that developers would otherwise spend time developing and testing. Developers can now dedicate that time to implementing the business logic. With its minimal hardware footprint, it goes even further to reduce massive investments in capital equipment.

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NEEVE RESEARCH was founded on the belief that memory oriented computing is a revolution that is going to change enterprise computing. Sitting in the eye of the perfect storm of technology, business, and social trends, Neeve Research offers the X Platform™, an industry first, memory-oriented, multi-agent transaction processing application platform for extreme I/O intensive, message driven applications. Built from the ground up, the X Platform™ catalyzes enterprise agility by allowing developers to write plumbing-free business logic on a platform that seamlessly injects fault tolerance with zero data loss and near linear horizontal scalability while exhibiting extreme performance characteristics. The X Platform™ pioneers the use of memory-oriented computing, advanced messaging, and decoupled enterprise data management to enable no-compromise computing from a performance, scalability, agility, and reliability standpoint. The X Platform™ was incubated and field hardened before being launched in late 2016 and is already running mission critical applications at Fortune 500 securities trading, resort, and gaming corporations. For additional information visit:

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